Modi Slams Sam Pitroda for Controversial Remarks on Ethnicity

Indian Overseas Congress President Sam Pitroda has made another controversial statement after the inheritance tax. Pitroda has appeared in a video where they are seen making controversial remarks about people living in various parts of India.

In this video, Sam Pitroda can be heard saying, “India is a country filled with extreme diversity, where people living in eastern India resemble Chinese people, those living in the west resemble Arabs, those in northern India resemble Caucasians, and those in the south resemble African people. But there is no difference, we are all brothers and sisters. We respect all languages.”

Pitroda stated that we respect various languages, religions, and customs. This is the same India in which I have faith, where there is respect for every individual, and where everyone compromises a little somewhere.

PM’s Fury Today

Prime Minister Modi said, “Today, I am very angry. If people misbehave with me, I can tolerate misuse; but the philosopher’s son has used such bad words that my mind is filled with anger.”

Modi said, “Will the capability of individuals in my country be judged by the color of their clothes? Who has given Shehzada the right to play the game of differences? People dancing on the Constitution are insulting my country.”

Himanta-Kangana Got Angry…

After Sam Pitroda’s statement, the BJP has launched a strong attack on him. Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma responded to Sam Pitroda’s statement by saying, “I am from Northeast and I show Indian. We are separate but we are one. Himanta advised him to understand a little about the country. BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla also labeled Pitroda’s statement as casteist and divisive. Apart from this, Kangana Ranaut also got angry, saying that Pitroda’s statement is casteist and divisive. They are calling India’s people Chinese and African. Congress should be ashamed of Pitroda’s statement.

Congress Rejects Pitroda’s Statement

Congress has rejected Pitroda’s statement. Party MP Jairam Ramesh said that what Sam Pitroda said about India’s diversity is wrong. Congress has completely distanced itself from this statement.

5 Other Controversial Statements by Sam Pitroda…

1. Inheritance Tax

On April 23, Sam Pitroda had discussed implementing inheritance tax in India, similar to the one in America. He stated that inheritance tax exists in America, where if someone has assets worth $10 million, 45% of the wealth is transferred to their children upon their death, while 55% becomes government property.

He emphasized this as a sensible law, ensuring that despite creating significant wealth in one’s lifetime, a portion of it should be left for the benefit of society after one’s demise. However, such a law doesn’t exist in India. Here, if someone has assets worth 10 crore rupees, all of it is transferred to their children after their death, without any contribution to society. It’s essential to discuss such issues, focusing not only on the interests of the rich but also on the welfare of the people. Pitroda’s proposal sparked significant controversy.

2. Opposition to Sikh Riots

During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Sam Pitroda faced difficulties due to his comments on the Sikh riots. In reality, the BJP had used Rajiv Gandhi’s remarks about the 1984 Sikh riots as a main narrative during the campaign.

Reacting to this, Pitroda’s close associate, on May 10, 2019, asked, “What about ’84?” He questioned what the BJP had done in the past five years and demanded accountability. Despite Congress distancing itself from these remarks, Pitroda had to apologize.

3. Middle Class Should Not Be Selfish

On April 6, 2019, Pitroda urged the middle class not to be selfish and be prepared to pay more taxes. This statement startled the Congress party. The party had to clarify that if Congress comes to power, there won’t be any increase in taxes for the middle class.

4. Questioning the Balakot Airstrike

In response to India’s airstrike in Balakot, Pakistan, following the Pulwama terror attack, Pitroda questioned the necessity of such attacks. On March 22, 2019, he raised concerns about the continuous occurrence of such attacks. He pointed out that even attacks happened in Mumbai, and our government could have responded differently. While our planes could have been sent, this aggressive stance isn’t appropriate. It’s wrong to label every Pakistani citizen as guilty due to the mistakes of a few.

5. No Employment from Temples

On June 6, 2018, Pitroda remarked that there’s no discussion on issues like unemployment, inflation, and education in India. Everyone talks only about Ram, Hanuman, and temples. Temples are being built, but there’s no employment generated from them.

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