Javed Akhtar Proudly Chants ‘Jai Siya Ram,’ Celebrates Lord Rama’s Land of Tolerance

Javed Akhtar, a renowned lyricist, expressed his thoughts on Thursday, saying that religious tolerance in India exists only because of Hindus. He also stated that he takes pride in being born on the land of Lord Rama and Sita. Although Javed Akhtar identifies as an atheist, he mentioned that he deeply respects Lord Rama.

During the Dussehra event organized by Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), Javed Akhtar not only chanted “Jai Siya Ram” (hail Lord Rama) but also encouraged others to do the same. He further emphasized that despite being an atheist, he has immense reverence for Lord Rama, who is an integral part of Indian culture and heritage.

Javed Akhtar’s statements highlight the idea of respecting and acknowledging the cultural significance of religious figures like Lord Rama, even for those who may not follow a particular religious belief. Lord Rama, as a central figure in the epic Ramayana, holds a significant place in Indian cultural heritage, making him an emblem of values and traditions that many people in India cherish and honor.

Javed Akhtar’s remarks emphasize that the names of Lord Rama and Mother Sita are symbolic of love and devotion, and separating their names is considered sinful. He highlighted that in the epic Ramayana, the demon king Ravana was the one who insisted on separating Lord Rama and Sita by abducting her. To him, requesting the separation of their names would be akin to invoking the spirit of Ravana.

Furthermore, he recalled a tradition in his hometown where people used to greet each other with the phrase “Jai Siya Ram” when they met during the morning walks. To illustrate this, Javed Akhtar chanted “Jai Siya Ram” three times, emphasizing the cultural significance of the phrase and the unity it represents.

These statements underscore the deeply ingrained cultural and religious reverence associated with Lord Rama and Mother Sita in India.

Javed Akhtar pointed out that in today’s times, intolerance is on the rise. He acknowledged that while there were individuals in the past who may not have been as tolerant, Hinduism has always valued tolerance and inclusivity. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of preserving these values and not allowing them to be lost. He stated that even if someone does not practice Hinduism, they should still respect and preserve these ancient values.

Regarding his own work, he mentioned that if his film “Sholay” were made in today’s times, there might have been controversies around the temple scenes. He humorously suggested that he and Salim Khan might not have been able to write those scenes in the current climate.

In his remarks, Javed Akhtar highlighted the significance of tolerance and respecting diverse cultural values, even in the context of filmmaking and creative expression.

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