Kangana Ranaut Seeks Lord Dwarkadhish’s Blessings, Expresses Lok Sabha Election Aspirations

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is well-known for her strong personality and her willingness to express her opinions on various issues, whether political or social. She has often faced questions about her involvement in politics, and she has usually denied any interest. However, recently, she gave a positive response during a media interview when asked about running for the Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament) elections. She said that if Lord Shri Krishna agrees, she would contest the Lok Sabha elections.

After visiting the famous Somnath Mahadev Temple, Kangana Ranaut provided a hint about her involvement in politics. She stated that she would run for Lok Sabha elections if Lord Shri Krishna approves. She had recently visited the Dwarkadhish Temple and received his blessings. This was a significant change in her stance, as she had previously declined any interest in politics.

Finding Peace Through a Visit to Dwarka

Kangana Ranaut shared a photo on her Instagram of her visit to the Dwarkadhish Temple. She looked stunning in a traditional saree, but her face revealed some concern. She mentioned that she had been feeling anxious for many days, and her visit to the Dwarkadhish Temple brought her peace and tranquility. This experience had provided her with a different perspective.

Battling in Politics with Lord Krishna’s Blessings

During her visit to the temple, Kangana Ranaut expressed her desire to contest Lok Sabha elections if Lord Shri Krishna approves. She said that Dwarka is a divine city and everything here is miraculous. Kangana and her family prayed to Dwarkadhish for his blessings, hoping to visit the temple whenever they wanted. Dwarka is not less than heaven for them.

Upcoming Movie “Emergency”

Kangana Ranaut revealed that her next movie is “Emergency,” where she has worked as both the director and lead actress. Besides being a thriller, the film also includes dance performances by Vinodini and her wedding with Manu as part of the storyline, which she believes everyone will enjoy.

Kangana’s Statement on Running for Lok Sabha

Kangana stated, “Ram Mandir in Ram Janmabhoomi has become a reality after a 600-year-long struggle, and this is the work of the BJP government. We will try our best to rebuild all the temples. This is a big festival for Sanatanis. We hope that the Sanatan Dharma flag will flutter all over the world. If Lord Krishna blesses us, Kangana will fight in the election.”

Kangana Ranaut’s visit to Dwarka

Kangana Ranaut, the renowned Indian actress, recently visited Dwarka and shared her experiences describing the city as divine. Her visit to the holy city of Dwarka provided her with immense peace and solace. Kangana expressed that she found her worries dissipating as soon as she set her eyes on the sacred city of Dwarka, the abode of Lord Dwarkadhish. She felt her mind becoming tranquil, and she experienced boundless joy. Kangana appealed to Lord Dwarkadhish, seeking His blessings and concluded with ‘Hare Krishna.’ Kangana also shared a video capturing her exploration of the city of Dwarka, in which she praised the surroundings.

Kangana’s visit to Somnath Mahadev

After her visit to Dwarka, Kangana Ranaut also paid her respects at Somnath Mahadev. She offered prayers and made offerings to the first Jyotirlinga, Shri Somnath Mahadev, followed by the sacred jalabhishek. The main priest of Somnath Trust applied chandan tilak on her forehead, tied a sacred thread (khes) around her wrist, and blessed her with holy prasad.

Participation in the ‘Ram Naam Lekhan Yajna’

Kangana Ranaut participated in the ‘Ram Naam Lekhan Yajna’ organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shri Somnath Trust. She inscribed the name of Lord Rama for the first time and had the opportunity to visit the Lord Rama temple. The names written by devotees in this grand event at the Ayodhya Shri Ram Mandir will create a spiritual impact worldwide, reinforcing the faith of millions. Kangana lauded the impeccable cleanliness and discipline maintained by Somnath Trust and Narendra Modi, and she encouraged the participation of the Sanatan Hindu devotees in the sacred service of writing Lord Rama’s name.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Invisible Avatar

During a conversation with journalists, Kangana Ranaut expressed her belief that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not an ordinary man but an “invisible avatar” working for the salvation of the Sanatan Dharma and the betterment of India and the world. She stated that the flag of Sanatan Dharma is waving high worldwide. Kangana asserted that her upcoming film is devoted to Lord Rama, with the message of unity. She applauded those who have rallied around the film, which has been produced against all odds, as they have faced turbulent times. In such moments, visiting temples to seek blessings of Lord Rama brings a sense of tranquility and peace to the mind.

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