Exclusive Look Inside Bigg Boss 17 House: Luxurious European Style Décor Revealed

The biggest controversial reality show on television, ‘Bigg Boss,’ is back with its 17th season in a short time. This season will also be hosted by Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Unlike the previous season, the shooting for this season will take place in Mumbai’s Film City, constructed by the renowned Bollywood director Omung Kumar and his wife, Vinita Omung Kumar. The Big Boss set has been designed with a theme that captures the essence of heart, mind, and restraint.

The house has been divided into three sections: heart, mind, and restraint.

This year, Omung and his wife have carefully considered the concept of ‘Jajerman’ or grandeur while creating this house. The entire season is named ‘The Magical World of Big Boss’ because they have made the house big and extravagant, designed in a European style, turning the Big Boss show into a magical city. They aim to transform the house’s small details into a ‘Larger-than-Life’ experience.

The entrance of the house has been adorned with large winged horse sculptures.

The entrance door has been decorated with a large winged horse sculpture. As you step inside, you’ll notice that every corner of the house has been designed in a way that allows contestants to interact with each other, whether through words or in their own unique ways. Each part of the house has been adorned according to the themes of heart, mind, and power.

For the first time in the history of Big Boss, a Black Room has been created.

Inside the house, there is a white room representing the heart, and a wooden room has been constructed to stimulate the mind. For the first time in the history of Big Boss, a Black Room has been introduced. This dark chamber will represent restraint.

In the living room, you will find a glimpse of European streets, and the kitchen has been transformed into a café.

What’s unique about this house is that its interior reflects its exterior. This means that inside the house, you’ll see glimpses of European streets in the living room, and the kitchen has been turned into a café. Not only that, but many other areas within the house have been designed to mimic various foreign experiences. You’ll get a taste of traveling abroad right inside the Big Boss house.

Now, there will be over 2 rooms to explore in the house.

For the first time in its 17-year history, the house’s flooring has been specially designed. The prints are designed in a way that the floor itself engages in conversation with you. At this time, in the show, more than two new rooms have been launched within the house – the Therapy Room, where contestants can focus and the Archive Room, where competitors can watch various videos from different seasons.

The Confession Room is now darker than before.

The Confession Room is a unique place where every contestant opens their heart to Big Boss. Moreover, many people’s secrets are also revealed in this room. This time, the designers have given the Confession Room a darker look compared to the first season.

A team of 250 people collaborated to construct the set.

With the collective effort of a team of 250 people, Omung completed the entire house in just two and a half months. Simultaneously, it can be said that Omung and his team have made their best effort to ensure that contestants in this house do not face any challenges.

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