CBI Files Chargesheet Against YouTuber in Sridevi’s Death: Fake Documents aAllegedly Fabricated to Support Controversial Claims

Deepthi R Pinniti had claimed in her channel’s videos that some facts were concealed by the governments of India and the UAE related to the case linked with the death of Sridevi. Mumbai-based lawyer Chandni Shah had filed a complaint against Deepthi. Now, the CBI has submitted a charge sheet in response to the complaint.

Case Details Unveiled

According to the FIR, CBI officials stated on Sunday that YouTuber Deepthi had allegedly provided ‘fabricated’ evidence to support her claims in her videos, implicating PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, and other officials with ‘fake’ documents. In reality, Deepthi had also made sensational allegations regarding the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, which occurred in the year 2020. Deepthi had commented on the deaths of Sridevi and Sushant Singh Rajput on her social media handles.

Legal Action Against Deepthi and Her Lawyer

Lawyer Chandni Shah had filed a complaint against YouTuber Deepthi and her lawyer Bharat Suresh Kamath. Chandni Shah stated that Deepthi had allegedly prepared ‘fake’ records related to Sridevi’s death and tarnished the image of the current government by repeatedly tarnishing its image on social media. She has accused Deepthi and her lawyer Kamath of submitting fabricated documents and orchestrating a criminal conspiracy. The agency has submitted a charge sheet against Deepthi and her lawyer Kamath under IPC.

Deepthi’s Response to the Charge Sheet

Deepthi has also responded to the charge sheet, claiming that the CBI has not acknowledged her request regarding the case. Deepthi is a resident of Bhubaneshwar. In her videos, she identifies herself as a businesswoman. Deepthi is conducting an investigation into the mysterious deaths of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sridevi, Disha Salian, and other Bollywood personalities.

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