Kashmiri Cricket Bat Makers Claim Top Spot, CBMAK Seeks 100 Crore from Sony

In the reality show Shark Tank India on Sony channel, Hamad and Saad from Kashmir introduced their company as the top brand in Kashmir willow bat production. Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK) has issued a legal notice to ‘Sony Entertainment Television’ and ‘Trambu Sports Pvt Ltd’ demanding an apology or Rs 100 crore compensation.

CBMAK Objects to False Claims on National Television

CBMAK President Fayaz Ahmed Dar and Vice President Fawajul Kabir criticized the false claims made by participants on the show regarding Kashmir’s cricket bat manufacturing industry. Legal action has been initiated against Sony TV and the participants for their misleading statements aired on 30th January 2024.

Trambu Sports Counters CBMAK’s Claims

Hamad and Saad of Trambu Sports refute CBMAK’s allegations, stating that their assertion of leadership in the cricket bat industry is accurate. However, CBMAK asserts its authority as the recognized body representing all cricket bat manufacturers in Kashmir.

CBMAK Affirms its Legacy in Cricket Bat Manufacturing

CBMAK emphasizes its legacy in cricket bat manufacturing, highlighting the quality and recognition of bats made by its members in Shark Tank. They express concern over participants misrepresenting manufacturers and falsely claiming pioneering status in the industry.

GR8 Sports: A Recognized Brand in International Cricket

‘M/s.GR8 Sports India Pvt Ltd’, a core member of CBMAK, is recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) as the first brand from Kashmir to supply cricket bats to international cricket. The association reaffirms Kashmir’s contribution to cricket bat production for national and international players.

False Claims in ‘Shark Tank India’ Show Cause Losses

CBMAK asserts that false claims made in the show have adversely affected its members, causing financial losses and damaging the industry’s reputation. They highlight the potential threat to the livelihoods of thousands directly and indirectly involved in cricket bat manufacturing in Kashmir.

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