CISF Woman Jawan Slaps Kangana: Chandigarh Airport Incident; Accused Claims She Said Women Paid ₹100 to Join Farmers’ Movement

Kangana Ranaut was allegedly slapped by CISF woman soldier Kulwinder Kaur at Chandigarh Airport. Kulwinder’s action reportedly stemmed from her distress over Kangana’s statements on the farmers’ protests. Kangana posted on social media about the slap and mistreatment. In response, CISF suspended Kulwinder and filed an FIR against her. 

The incident has sparked significant media attention and discussions regarding the conduct of security personnel and the reactions of public figures to sensitive issues.

Kangana Ranaut Demands Action Against CISF Soldier

Kangana Ranaut has filed a complaint demanding the dismissal and strict action against CISF woman soldier Kulwinder Kaur, who allegedly slapped her at Chandigarh Airport. This incident occurred during a security check as Kangana was en route to Delhi for a BJP meeting. 

Following the altercation, CISF suspended Kulwinder and lodged an FIR against her. Kulwinder’s actions were reportedly motivated by distress over Kangana’s statements on the farmers’ protests. The situation has sparked widespread media coverage and debate.

Kangana's picture during airport security check.

Kangana Ranaut Shares Video After Incident

Following the incident at Chandigarh Airport, Kangana Ranaut shared a video stating that she is safe despite receiving numerous calls. She recounted the event where a CISF woman soldier, identifying herself as a supporter of the farmers’ protest, used abusive language and slapped her. 

Kangana expressed her concern about the rising extremism and terrorism in Punjab, emphasizing the need to address these issues. This incident highlights the ongoing tension surrounding the farmers’ protests and their broader societal impact.

Woman Soldier Upset by Kangana Ranaut's Statement

Woman Soldier Upset by Kangana Ranaut’s Statement

The incident occurred on Thursday at 3:30 PM when Kangana Ranaut was exiting the airport security check. CISF woman soldier Kulwinder Kaur, upset by Kangana’s comments on the farmers’ protest, slapped her. 

Kangana has filed a complaint regarding the incident. At the time, airport security detained Kulwinder in the commandant’s room. Kangana has since reached Delhi. In a video, Kulwinder explained her actions, stating that Kangana’s remark about protesters angered her as her own mother was among them.

Comparison of Protesters to Khalistani Terrorists

Comparison of Protesters to Khalistani Terrorists

Kangana Ranaut made several controversial statements during the farmers’ protest, comparing the protesters to Khalistani terrorists. On social media, she asserted that the Khalistani terrorists are pressuring the government but reminded everyone of Indira Gandhi, who dealt with them severely. 

She mentioned that despite the pain they caused the country, Indira crushed them and protected the nation, leaving a legacy that still evokes fear. Kangana’s comments have incited strong reactions and contributed to the recent altercation with the CISF woman soldier.

Kangana Story

DSP’s Statement on the Incident

DSP Airport Kuljinder Singh stated that while there has been no official complaint about the slap, there is information about misconduct by a CISF woman soldier towards Kangana Ranaut. CISF is currently investigating the matter and questioning the involved soldier. 

This incident is reportedly connected to the farmers’ protest. Action will be taken upon receiving a formal complaint.

Farmers to Honor Kulwinder Kaur

Reports indicate that farmers plan to honor Kulwinder Kaur, the CISF woman soldier who allegedly slapped Kangana Ranaut at the airport. This gesture comes in the wake of the incident, which was linked to Kangana’s controversial statements about the farmers’ protest. 

The support for Kulwinder reflects the strong emotions and solidarity within the farmers’ community towards their cause.

Kangana Ranaut hugging her mother

Kangana Ranaut Departs for Delhi with Mother’s Blessings

On Thursday morning, Kangana Ranaut left for Delhi after receiving her mother’s blessings. Before her departure, she shared three photos showing an emotional farewell, including hugging her mother.

This poignant moment came before the reported incident at Chandigarh Airport, where a CISF woman soldier allegedly slapped her, sparking widespread media coverage and debate.

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