Kangana Ranaut Vows to Exit Bollywood if Elected – Kangana’s Singular Focus

Bollywood’s Queen Kangana Ranaut is currently the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate in the Lok Sabha elections. She has received a ticket from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Kangana is actively engaged in election campaigning. She hopes to win this election. Kangana had a special conversation with the media about films, Lok Sabha elections, and politics. Here Kangana has made a major announcement regarding her film career. Let’s find out what it is…

Will Kangana Quit Bollywood for Politics?

Kangana hinted that if she wins the Lok Sabha election, she can leave Bollywood because she demands attention to just one job. Kangana was asked how she would manage films and politics? On this, the actress said, “I act in films, play roles, and also direct. If I see potential in politics where people are connecting with me, then I will do politics. Ideally, I want to do only one thing.”

“If I feel that people need me, then I will go in that direction. If I win from Mandi, I will do politics. Many filmmakers have told me not to go into politics. You shouldn’t live just to meet people’s expectations. If people have to suffer because of my political ambitions, then it’s not worth it. I live a happy and prosperous life. If I get a chance to connect with people now, I will do that too. I feel that justice should be done with people’s expectations first.”

Difference Between Politics and Film Industry?

When asked about the difference between politics and the film world, Kangana said, “The film world creates an illusion. It creates a different atmosphere. It creates entertainment to attract people, but politics is reality. I live according to people’s expectations. I am new in public service; I have a lot to learn.”

Kangana’s Take on Nepotism and Family

Kangana Ranaut said about nepotism, ‘It is natural. I feel that we have limited nepotism in films and politics. Nepotism is a problem in every field. There is no end to it in the world. Wherever we expand our caste, it becomes a family. Today they call me the daughter of Mandi. This is my family. We should not be weak in love.’

Kangana’s Work Front

If we talk about Kangana’s work front, she has won people’s hearts with her powerful acting in films like ‘Queen’, ‘Thalaivi’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Manikarnika’, ‘Gangster’, etc. Her upcoming film is ‘Emergency’, in which she plays the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This film is set to release on June 14th this year.

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