Dolly Sohi, Star of ‘Jhanak’, Succumbs to Cancer at 48; Sister Amandeep Passes Away Shortly Before

The news of the demise of Dolly Sohi, known for her role in ‘Jhanak’, has left a profound void in the entertainment industry. Merely hours after the tragic loss of her sister Amandeep, Dolly bid farewell to this world. At the age of 48, Dolly battled cervical cancer relentlessly. Amandeep Sohi’s sudden demise last night adds to the family’s grief. 

The cause of Amandeep’s death remains undisclosed. Dolly’s demise, attributed to cancer, underscores the cruel realities of the disease. Her brother, Mannu Sohi, has confirmed her passing. In the wake of this loss, the industry mourns the departure of a talented artist whose contributions will be remembered fondly.

Dolly Sohi worked in many TV shows

Dolly Sohi’s Family Confirms Her Passing

According to a media report, Dolly’s family stated that her demise occurred this morning. They expressed profound grief over the loss of their daughter. Her final rites will be conducted this afternoon. The actress’s brother, Mannu, confirmed the passing of their sister Amandeep Sohi. Shortly after, the family received another blow with the news of Dolly Sohi’s demise.

Amandeep Sohi got fame from the TV show 'Badtamiz Dil'

Mannu Sohi Confirms the Passing of Late Actress’s Brother Amandeep Sohi

Mannu Sohi, the brother of the late actress, confirmed, “It is true that Amandeep is no longer in this world. He has left us. His body has departed. He had a stroke, but we have not been able to gather more information from the doctors.”

Picture of Dolly Sohi with her mother

Mannu Provides Updates on Dolly’s Health Amid Conversations About Amandeep

During discussions about Amandeep, Mannu also shared insights into Dolly’s condition. He mentioned that Dolly’s condition wasn’t severe, but she was advised to rest in the hospital for comfort. However, this morning, Dolly also passed away. Dolly was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2023, which eventually led to her demise.

Dolly Sohi with sister Amandeep Sohi.

Dolly Leaves ‘Jhanak’ Show Due to Health Reasons

Dolly had to leave the show ‘Jhanak’ due to health issues. A few days before being diagnosed with cancer, she experienced difficulty breathing, leading to her hospitalization. After receiving treatment, she regained her health for some time. 

However, she couldn’t continue shooting after undergoing chemotherapy, which led to her departure from the show. Dolly was married to an NRI named Avneet Dhanowa. After some time, issues arose between them. Dolly has a daughter named Amelia.

Dolly Gets Upset Over False Rumors Surrounding Poonam Pandey’s Death

Dolly Sohi expressed her displeasure regarding false rumors circulating about Poonam Pandey’s death due to cancer. Dolly reacted strongly to the inaccurate rumors, particularly those ridiculing cancer patients. She mentioned that making fun of people like Poonam is distressing and unacceptable.

Dolly emphasized that seeking fame through such means is inappropriate. Many people are battling serious illnesses, and it’s insensitive to mock them. In such circumstances, joking around with everyone isn’t appropriate.

Dolly has appeared in shows like ‘Bhabhi’, ‘Kalash’, ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’, and ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’.

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