Tragic Surat Incident: Husband Poisons Wife and Son, Strangles Them in Mass Suicide; Police Uncover Note and Video

In yet another unfortunate incident of mass suicide in Surat, a family residing in Limbayat area has taken this extreme step. The husband allegedly poisoned his wife and son before hanging himself. The details surrounding the incident are still emerging as the Limbayat police have reached the scene to conduct further investigations. 

This heartbreaking event underscores the need for heightened awareness and support for mental health issues within communities, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and assistance for individuals and families facing distressing circumstances. As authorities delve deeper into the matter, it serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges many families encounter and the imperative of fostering environments where individuals feel supported and valued.

Neighbors gathered after mass suicide.

Police Discover Bodies of Three Family Members in Surat

Pinakin Parmar (DCP) has confirmed that in Rustam Park area, plot number A-56, a family of three has tragically committed suicide. The police conducted an immediate investigation at the scene and found the bodies of all three individuals. Among them were 38-year-old Somesh Bhikshapati Jila, his wife Nirmal, and their 7-year-old son Devrishi. 

This grim incident underscores the pressing need for mental health support and community interventions to address the underlying issues contributing to such tragedies. As authorities delve into the circumstances surrounding this devastating event, it serves as a somber reminder of the complexities individuals and families face, emphasizing the urgency of providing accessible resources and assistance to those in distress.

The tragedy of suicide brought people together.

Police Uncover Letter, Mobile, and Videos in Surat Suicide Case

DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) has revealed further details in the ongoing investigation, indicating that during preliminary inquiries, it was found that Somesh, after allegedly murdering his wife and son, hung himself. Among the evidence discovered during the search of the house was a letter. 

Additionally, his mobile phone was also found, containing videos he recorded before the tragedy unfolded. These videos suggest that Somesh had recorded some footage prior to the incident. The discovery of these items adds another layer of complexity to the case, shedding light on potential motives and providing insights into the events leading up to the tragic incident. 

As authorities continue to delve deeper into the matter, they aim to piece together the sequence of events and understand the circumstances surrounding this devastating act.

The police also came.

Investigation Reveals Videos in Telugu Language; Police Pursue Further Leads

It has been disclosed that the videos found on the mobile phone were recorded by Somesh in his native Telugu language, adding another dimension to the investigation. Currently, the police are intensifying their efforts to analyze these videos as part of the ongoing inquiry. 

Furthermore, alongside this scrutiny, post-mortem examinations are being conducted on the bodies. In this case of collective suicide, the police are pursuing multiple avenues of investigation in their quest to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragic event.

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