Savitha Sastry and AK Srikanth Launch Their Third Dance Film of the Year- The Ghost of the Lighthouse

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The Ghost of the Lighthouse which is a short film that looks at the life of a small-town tourist guide and her aspirations, asking the question that perhaps haunts every human – where is happiness to be found. Conceptualized by the acclaimed danseuse Savitha Sastry, and directed by the award-winning Director AK Srikanth, the film is the eleventh short from the duo, coinciding with the eleventh year of their production house. Alongside Savitha, the film also stars Jamie Alter – son of legendary actor Tom Alter in a major role. The film releases on OTT on October 28th 2023.

AK Srikanth and Savitha Sastry in Ghost of the Lighthouse

This short film is a touching vignette into the life of everyday people in small towns. The characters that populate the film are easily relatable to people we meet in our lives every day. That ‘irritating’ sales caller on our cellphones, the tourist guides who throng little towns, the vendors in a bazaar – this film looks at the life behind that voice we shut out immediately with the click of a key when they enter our lives. The poignant tale is portrayed through a denouement that is easy to understand, stunning visuals, and an extremely moving narrative.

According to acclaimed Bharathanatyam danseuse Savitha Sastry, “I think this is the best etched out character that I have ever had the opportunity to perform. And through this character, I play the life of the ‘everyday people‘ – their hopes, ambitions and dreams. A very real and poignant experience.”

As per AK Srikanth, Director and Writer, “I set out to create a film that has the gentle impact of that breeze that hits your face when you’re taking a walk by the sea at dawn, with not one soul around. I think the team I worked with – Savitha, Jamie, Abhay (with his music) – they all created an experience that is sublime.”

The husband – wife duo of Savitha and Srikanth have deviated from their usual hard-hitting intensity to deliver a film that is subtle, darkly humorous and wistful all at once. The Ghost of the Lighthouse is not a horror film as the title seems to suggest, but refers to the millions of memories that we carry through our lives.The film, via a set of beautifully etched characters, attempts to address ‘Where do I find joy‘ in a manner that has not been attempted in Short films before.

Talking about the script, Jamie Alter said, “The moment the script landed in my hands, I knew this was a project I had to be a part of. Right from the writing to the visualisation to the filming and editing, Srikanth knew precisely what he wanted and I am happy and privileged!”

The Ghost of the Lighthouse shall be remembered as a touching tribute to everyday people, their dreams and their aspirations.

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