Meet Nancy: The Designer Who Stole the Show at Cannes with Her 20 KG Gown Outshining Aishwarya

Nancy Tyagi, a resident of Baghpat, is showcasing her talent and beauty at the Cannes Film Festival. Due to her skills in dress designing, she has become a part of the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Most notably, she arrived at the festival wearing a 20 kg gown designed by herself.

A Fascinating Journey

Nancy’s journey is quite fascinating, coming from a modest family. From sewing doll clothes in her childhood to reaching the Cannes Film Festival, Nancy’s path has been remarkable. By uploading dress design videos, she has become a famous dress designer and social media influencer. Today, Nancy has over 1.5 million followers on social media.

Who is Nancy Tyagi?

Gajendra Tyagi, a resident of Barnawa, is a mechanic, transporter, and farmer. He runs a small shop in the market that sustains his household. His family includes his wife Maya, daughter Nancy, and son Manu. Both children received their primary education in the village school. Later, Nancy moved to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC exams.

Turning Point During the Pandemic

Shortly after Nancy moved to Delhi, the coronavirus pandemic struck. The lockdown halted everything. Nancy then took her mother’s old sewing machine and started sewing her own clothes. While preparing clothes, she spontaneously shared a video on social media, which went viral.

Nancy’s Rise as an Influencer

After this, Nancy continued to upload dress design videos, and her art was appreciated by everyone, making her an influencer.

Preparation for UPSC in Delhi

Nancy’s father, Gajendra Tyagi, shared in an interview with Bhaskar that Nancy completed her intermediate education at Hara Inter College in Meerut. In 2020, Nancy moved to Delhi with her brother Manu Tyagi and their mother to continue her studies.

From Studies to Fashion Designing

Alongside her studies, Nancy began fashion designing in Delhi, drawing inspiration from the clothes of prominent fashion designers and sewing clothes at home. She then created reels of these clothes and, with their help, managed to establish a global identity.

The Invitation to Cannes Came 4 Months Ago

Nancy’s younger brother Manu helps her completely. Manu told Bhaskar about Nancy’s entire journey to Cannes. Manu mentioned, “Four months ago, Nancy received an invitation to Cannes from Brute. We were told that we would have to go to France for the Cannes Film Festival. Start preparing. We couldn’t believe we got such a big opportunity through social media.”

She Wore Her Own Designed Outfit on the Red Carpet

Nancy made a significant impact at Cannes due to both her beauty and her gown. Her brother Manu said, “When we found out we were going to Cannes, we decided not to showcase clothes made by others. Nancy decided that she reached this show because of her designing skills, so she would wear her own designed gown there. After that, we both started thinking about the outfit designing together.”

A 20-Kilogram Gown Made from 1000 Meters of Fabric for Cannes Festival

Nancy specially designed a baby pink rose-colored frill gown for the main show on the red carpet. The three-piece gown is made of net fabric. The entire 1100 meters of net fabric for the gown was purchased from the wholesale market in Delhi, out of which 1000 meters were used to make the gown. It weighs 20 kilograms. The gown consists of three pieces: the main gown, gloves, and a tail.

Manu stated, “Nancy worked day and night for a month to design this gown and sewed it at home using a machine. She had decided to only showcase her own made gown. Besides net fabric, the gown also features motif work. Our parents also fully supported us in this endeavor.”

Four Dresses Made for the Show

Nancy prepared a total of four dresses for the Cannes Festival. The main dress was the pink gown, which she showcased on the red carpet. Besides this, she wore three more dresses in the show. Transporting the gown from India to France was as challenging as making it.

Three large container bags had to be specially prepared to pack the 20-kilogram gown so it could be easily stored. Separate luggage booking was also required for this.

I Never Dreamed This Big

While speaking with paparazzi in Hindi at Cannes, Nancy said, “I never had such a big dream, where I am standing today. She made a gown for herself using one thousand meters of fabric in just one month. My journey was difficult, but every moment was precious.

I am grateful for all your love and support. This is like a dream come true, and I hope my creation will be liked as much as your support has inspired me. Heartfelt thanks to all of you.”

Sewed Doll Clothes in Childhood

Nancy’s mother Maya said, “In childhood, Nancy used to make clothes for her dolls. She used to make new clothes every day. At that time, we didn’t know that she would become a designer in the future. She first shared a video of making a saree lehenga, which was liked by many. Since then, she has been continuously uploading videos.”

100 Days Outfit Challenge

Nancy has been running a 100-day outfit challenge on social media. She has completed 90 dresses in this challenge. She sketches a new dress every day, then brings fabric from the market, stitches it, and showcases it.

What is the Cannes Film Festival?

The Cannes Film Festival is organized every year in France. It attracts stars from around the world. Celebrities are often in the spotlight due to their outfits here. Especially, actors, directors, scriptwriters, producers, and musicians all come together for the festival.

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