15-Year-Old TV Actress Ruhanika Buys $2.5 Million Home: Credits Mom for Saving, Practices Gym and Kathak at Home

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Do You Remember the 2013 Tv Serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’?

The child artist who played the role of Ruhi Bhalla in this serial was Ruhanika Dhawan. She started working as a child actor and later chose to work in films with stars like Salman Khan and Sunny Deol. In 2023, Ruhanika, who is now 15 years old, has achieved quite a lot.

This year, Ruhanika has bought a house with her earnings. At the age of 15, she owns a lavish 1 BHK flat in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, with furniture that has been custom designed. What makes this space special is that many celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, Sonu Sood, and Sara Ali Khan live in the same vicinity.

Our team visited Ruhanika’s old house, where she stays with her parents. These days, Ruhanika resides in Goregaon, Mumbai. Her father, Suman Kumar, is a businessman, while her mother, Dolly Dhawan, is a homemaker.

Apart from acting, Ruhanika has been focusing more on her studies. Although she hasn’t received any offers lately, she prefers investing all her time in practicing and honing her acting skills. According to her, even though she has bought a new house, the one where she spent her childhood holds a special place in her heart. The decision to buy this house was a result of her mother’s savings. Bubbly Ruhanika also showed us her house, discussing issues like car parking and the challenges of practicing acting.

My Home is My Gym, and This is My Kathak Class

Ruhanika expresses that she thoroughly enjoys staying at her old home, where she can practice her exercises and dance routines. Apart from having a home gym, she also takes Kathak classes at her home. She finds solace in spending most of her time there.

Apart from her home, Hauz Khas is her favorite place. Besides, her dog ‘Lassie,’ who has a small home built for her at the entrance of the house, holds a special place in her heart. Her mother has a picture of her childhood at the entrance, and whenever someone enters the house, their attention is drawn to that photo. Ruhanika plans to recreate this photo sometime soon.

Focusing on Self-development in Recent Years

Since the conclusion of the TV serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ four years ago, Ruhanika has been focusing a lot on her caste. Talking about her journey of the last four years, she reflects on how this transitional phase has been beautiful and satisfying. She has brought many changes to her caste. Lately, she has been concentrating on self-development, especially in the aspect of her caste. She is very clear about what she wants to do in life and is content with her journey so far.

I Have Been Doing Gymnastics for Three Years Now

In addition to dance and acting, Ruhanika has been practicing gymnastics for the last three years. If you wonder how she manages all these activities simultaneously, she has a well-organized schedule, and she ensures she gives time to her friends and family. Everything she does is well-planned, allowing her to move forward without stress.

Success in Buying a New Home

Acquiring a new home is a significant success for me, as Ruhii proudly expresses. This dream of mine has been fulfilled solely because of the support system provided by my parents, who have always been there for me. I am also grateful to the fans who have contributed to making me popular through the years. Even after achieving this milestone, I continue to receive their love and support.

Gratitude for Family Support in Achieving Success

This success is significant for me and my parents. I am grateful for all the platforms and opportunities they provided, making it possible for me to fulfill my dream. Their support and encouragement have played a crucial role, and I acknowledge their contributions to my success.

Saving Money with Mother’s Help

It has been revealed that Ruhii purchased the house with the help of her mother. Her mother not only saved her income but also managed her finances wisely. Ruhii dreams of seeing herself on a big screen and is focused on achieving this goal with dedicated efforts.

Standing Out from My Generation

People say that I am very different from my generation, and receiving praise for it is a moment of pride for me. Making my parents proud is something I enjoy. This dream of mine is not just a momentary achievement; it is the result of years of hard work. My parents have saved a lot for this, and I believe that the pressure of expectations should not be imposed on other children. Keep your confidence and follow your passion.

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