Khambhat Congress MLA Chirag Patel Submitted resignation To Speaker; Another MLA is also likely to Leave the party

Congress MLA Chirag Patel has submitted his resignation to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Shankarbhai Chaudhary, during the assembly meeting. Another Congress MLA engaged in a heated altercation with the party. Following this, there is speculation that more Congress members may resign from the party. The political landscape is witnessing significant changes in Congress after the recent setback in the Lok Sabha elections. It is now possible for more MLAs to tender their resignations in Congress before the upcoming elections.

Congress Is at Its Limit of Factionalism: Chirag Patel

After resigning from the position of Legislative Assembly Speaker, Chirag Patel, in a media interaction, stated that Congress speaks differently and acts differently. Congress is at its limit of factionalism. Congress does not appreciate dissent and opposition. Many colleagues who experienced dissent in Congress are now friends. Congress has lost touch with the public sentiment. Now, considering the aspirations of the people, I have made this decision.

Congress Secures Victory in Khambhat

After the Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections in 2022, Congress’s Chirag Patel secured victory in the Khambhat constituency with 3,711 votes. A fierce battle took place between BJP’s Mahesh Raval, Congress’s Chirag Patel, and AAP’s Arun Gohil. Congress won in a stronghold of BJP, marking its first victory in Khambhat since 1990.

Chirag Patel Defeated BJP

The Congress party nominated strong and popular candidate Chirag Patel and achieved victory. Chirag Patel received 69,069 votes, while BJP’s Mahesh Raval received 65,358 votes. Congress suffered a defeat with 3,711 votes. Khambhat, with 182 constituencies in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, holds the 108th seat, which represents Anand Lok Sabha.

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