Salman Khan’s House Firing Case Suspect Tragedy: Found Hanging in Mumbai Crime Branch Custody After 16 Days

Anuj Thapan, one of the accused in the case of firing at Salman Khan’s residence, has tragically ended his life by hanging himself with a bedsheet. The 32-year-old was admitted to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

The Mumbai Crime Branch had arrested Anuj Thapan (32) and Subhash Chandra (37) on April 15th in Punjab. The two accused allegedly supplied weapons to others involved in the firing incident at Salman Khan’s house. Both accused are residents of Abohar in Punjab. Anuj Thapan, who committed suicide, worked as a helper in a truck in his village.

The other accused, Subhash Khedut, is a farmer. Both accused have been involved in many cases registered in Punjab and Haryana. They had been working with Lawrence Bishnoi for many years.

Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartment

Anuj Thapan and Subhan’s Involvement in the Galaxy Apartment Firing Incident

On March 15th, Anuj Thapan and Subhan allegedly provided two pistols to boys named Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta in Panvel. With these pistols, Vicky and Sagar fired shots at Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment

Anuj and Subhan were apprehended from Punjab when they fled from Bhuj, Gujarat, where Vicky and Sagar were from. Anuj has several cases registered against him in Punjab and Haryana and has been associated with the Lawrence gang since the beginning.

Threats from Lawrence Bishnoi: Salman Khan’s Enhanced Security

Salman Khan has always been a target of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. In March 2023, after receiving threats from Lawrence, Salman’s security was beefed up. 

Following this, the Maharashtra government provided him with Y+ category security.

Anuj Thapan

NIA Reveals Salman Khan on Hit List Threatened by Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) disclosed that Salman Khan is on a hit list of 10 individuals targeted by jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Lawrence, in a television interview, mentioned that when he was about four or five years old, the Bishnoi community had vowed to kill Salman Khan during his hunting trip, which has fueled his resentment towards the actor.

To ensure Salman’s safety, 11 soldiers are constantly by his side, including a couple of commandos and two PSOs (Personal Security Officers). Salman’s vehicle is escorted by two vehicles at the front and rear at all times. Additionally, Salman’s car is completely bulletproof.

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