Footballer Killed by Lightning Strike During Match in Indonesia

During a football match in Indonesia, amidst heavy rains, a player collapsed and died while being taken to the hospital. The incident occurred on Saturday during a friendly match between FC Bandung and FBIAI Shubang at the Silwangi Stadium in western Java. Suddenly, lightning struck a portion of the field where the players were standing. One player was directly hit by the lightning and fell to the ground, while another player was also struck as he tried to run away from the area. Other players rushed to the ground to seek refuge, while some ran towards the sidelines to take cover.

A football player collapsed and died while being taken to the hospital after being struck by lightning during a match in Indonesia. Shortly afterward, other players rushed to the injured player’s aid. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead by the doctors.

This incident marks the second time in the last 12 months that a player has been struck by lightning during a football match in Indonesia. Previously, during the Soroti U-13 Cup in 2023, a footballer was struck by lightning in Bojongoro. The player, who suffered cardiac arrest, was rushed to the hospital where doctors successfully revived him after 20 minutes of effort. Several other players on the field were also affected by the lightning strike and had to spend time in the hospital for observation.

Rasesh Nageshwar

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