Virat Kohli Tops ICC World Cup Fielding Rankings, Root Second, Warner Third

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has recognized Virat Kohli as the most impactful fielder in the World Cup 2023, especially in the tournament’s first 13 days. After all the group matches of the teams, the ICC has released a list of the most impactful fielders on the field, with Kohli topping the list.

In the list, the ICC highlighted the fielders who had a significant impact during the initial phase of the tournament. Kohli’s fielding skills and contributions stood out, earning him the top position as the most impactful fielder in the World Cup 2023.

Virat Kohli has been recognized as the most impactful fielder in the tournament. Kohli has taken three catches in the tournament, which is two fewer than New Zealand’s Martin Guptill and Australia’s David Warner, but he has had the most impact on the field. The ICC has awarded him a rating of 22.30, the highest in this category. In this list, England’s Joe Root holds the second position with a rating of 21.73. Root has taken four catches in the tournament so far.

In this list, the top 10 fielders include 2 players from India, New Zealand, and Australia. Ravindra Jadeja from India is ranked 11th in this list. Kohli’s outstanding fielding performance in the World Cup 2023 has made him the most impactful fielder in the early stages of the tournament.

Team India has been exceptional in the field, taking 14 catches and saving 10 runs during the tournament. At this stage, India has left behind most of the competition, with the closest team, England, having taken one catch less than India. India, who has won all of their first three matches, has been extremely effective in the field.

India is awarding a medal to the best fielder after each match in the World Cup. In the first match against Australia, Virat Kohli received this medal for his exceptional fielding performance.

In the second match, Shardul Thakur was awarded the medal for his brilliant fielding against Afghanistan. The third match against Pakistan saw KL Rahul, the wicketkeeper, receiving the best fielder medal for his exceptional fielding skills. India’s fielding prowess has been on full display in the World Cup.

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