India’s Dominant Wins Over Pakistan in Asia Cup Hockey and Squash

In the 19th Asian Games, India achieved its biggest victory against Pakistan in hockey on the seventh day of the event. The Indian team defeated Pakistan 10-2 in the pool-stage match. Captain Harmanpreet scored 4 goals, and it marked the first time India scored 10 goals against Pakistan.

In the ongoing Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, Indian athletes won a total of 5 medals on Saturday, including two gold, two silver, and one bronze. India secured the squash gold by defeating Pakistan in the team event.

India has now won a total of 10 gold medals at the Games and has a total medal count of 38, including 14 silver and 14 bronze. In the medal tally, India currently stands in fourth place.

In the athletics event’s 10,000 meters race, Indian runners Kartik Kumar (28:25.38 minutes) won the silver medal, and Gulveer Singh (28:17.21 minutes) secured the bronze medal. Bahrain’s Balwai (28:13.62 minutes) clinched the gold medal.

Who Scored Goals Against Pakistan?

Manpreet Singh scored in the 8th minute, Harmanpreet Singh scored in the 11th, 17th, 33rd, and 34th minutes, Sumit scored in the 30th minute, Varun scored in the 44th minute, Shamsher Singh scored in the 46th minute, and Elke Upadhyaya scored in the 49th minute. For Pakistan, M.S. Khan scored in the 38th minute, and Rana Aava scored in the 45th minute.

What is a Tiebreak?

In tennis, a tiebreak is played to determine the winner between two players when a set is tied at 6-6 in games. Once the set reaches a tiebreak situation, the players engage in a tiebreak game, which consists of a series of points. The first player to score seven points and have a margin of at least two points wins the tiebreak and the set.

If the players are tied at 6-6 in points in the tiebreak, the first player to achieve a two-point lead wins. The tiebreak rules used in the Asian Games are similar to the classic tiebreak format, where the key difference is that the player who reaches 10 points with a two-point margin wins. If the score reaches 10-10, the tiebreak continues until one player gains a two-point advantage.

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