Vapi Teen Triumphs: Gold in Triple Chase, 3km in 9.22 Min at Athletics Championship

Ranveer Singh from Chanod Colony in Vadodara won the gold medal in the triple chase at the Asian Junior Athletic Championship held in Dubai. He completed the 3 km run in 9.22 minutes. Young athletes from various countries participated, and Ranveer’s achievement has brought pride to the nation. He has been excelling in the national arena, representing Uttar Pradesh.

Ranveer Singh’s Journey

Ranveer Ajay Singh, residing in Lakeview Residency E-5 104 near Gurudwara in Chanod Colony, is originally from Uttar Pradesh. He had an interest in athletics from a young age and started his career at Chanod Garden. Later, he traveled to cultural centers like Ahmedabad, Nadiad, and Devgadh Baria. Recently, he participated in the Asian Junior Athletic Championship under 20 in Dubai, showcasing his skills. His coach Sonubhai mentioned that Ranveer is only 20 years old, and his father works as a laborer to support his dreams. Though he didn’t win in the Asian Athletic Championship, his participation elevated India’s pride.

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