Bajaj Bruzer 125 CNG: World’s First CNG Bike Set to Revolutionize Transportation

Bajaj Auto is set to launch the world’s first bike running on CNG fuel on June 18, 2024. In an interview given to a media house by the company’s Managing Director, Rajiv Bajaj, this information was disclosed. He mentioned, “The world’s first CNG-operated motorcycle will be hitting the market next month. Its running cost will be half of that of petrol-powered bikes. This is a remarkable innovation.”

The bike may be named Bajaj Bruzer 125 CNG.

It was stated, “With increasing fuel prices, Bajaj will target concerned customers with this upcoming CNG model, which will incur lower expenses. This bike will be launched in different phases. It will first be launched in Maharashtra and then in other states where CNG stations are available.

According to media reports, this CNG-run bike may be named Bajaj Bruzer 125 CNG. At the same time, Bajaj has said, ‘We will create a portfolio of CNG bikes, including 100CC, 125CC, and 150-160CC bikes.’

Switching to CNG bikes will reduce pollution.

During an interview last month, Bajaj Auto’s MD revealed that the company plans to launch CNG bikes in the first quarter of fiscal year 25. He mentioned that they have requested to cut the fuel prices by half.

Regarding the new project, Rajiv stated that during prototype testing, there has been a reduction of 50% in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, 75% in carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, and nearly 90% reduction in non-methane hydrocarbon emissions. Reductions have been observed in the emissions from petrol bikes, indicating that CNG bikes will emit less pollution.

The Hero-Honda test was conducted 40 years ago.

Rajiv Bajaj mentioned, “This motorcycle is remarkable from an environmental perspective. However, we are committed to doing the same thing that Honda did 40 years ago.” He stated that they had reduced effective costs by 50-65% in terms of handling, and mileage had been improved.

The Executive Director, Rakesh Sharma, had requested GST relief from the government. During an interview prior to the launch of the CNG bike, Rakesh Sharma, the company’s Executive Director, had provided information. He had also requested the government to reduce GST to 12% for its adoption.

Sharma said, “Although the government does not impose 5% GST on electric vehicles, they should impose less GST than petrol vehicles. This should be around 12% for both. This will help both customers and companies.”

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