Havmor FMCG Sector to Invest Rs 550 Crore Over 3 Years

On a global scale, despite political issues, climate change, and economic recession affecting the overall atmosphere, India’s FMCG sector has achieved remarkable growth. The company’s new ice cream production unit in Pune will be operational from March-April 2024. Along with this new unit, Havmor Industries, based in Gujarat, and Faridabad will invest a total of INR 550 crores for expansion.

The company’s Pune-based unit will become fully operational across three phases and will become the largest ice cream production unit in the country, with robotic production capabilities. The company has already completed 40% of the total planned investment. Furthermore, they have stated that despite global ice cream consumption, India lags behind significantly, with potential for significant growth in the coming times. To capitalize on local festivals and boost sales in Gujarat, Havmor initiated the ‘Hey Hoonie Jhumbesh’ campaign.

This campaign features brand ambassador Hardik Pandya and is geared up to connect with customers through a mix of special events and promotions. Climate change has played a significant role in the ice cream industry over the past few years, with one unit in Gujarat affected for an entire year. Expanding to Kheda, Surat, and Rajkot, they have initiated one new warehouse in each area.

In India, the organized sector contributes to a market size of INR 15,000 crores for ice cream. Due to recent price increases in raw materials and increasing customer focus on branding, the organized sector’s presence in the market has been steadily growing. Beyond this, brands have been refining their products, ensuring success by aligning them with customer tastes.

Akash Shrivastav

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