India Set to Acquire 31 Predator Drones for Rs 33,000 Crore, UAE Paid Higher Price

India has negotiated a deal to purchase 31 state-of-the-art Predator drones from countries other than the United States at significantly lower prices. The deal involves procuring MQ-9B drones from General Atomics, a company based in the United States, with Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the UAE participating in the agreement. According to information received from the US Department of Defense, the value of this deal for 31 drones is estimated at ₹33,134 crores (approximately $4.4 billion), with delivery set to begin within three years. India is also purchasing more than two dozen related equipment from these countries. Security experts believe that India has successfully negotiated this deal at an appropriate price.

Apart from the United States, these drones are also available to countries like Australia, Taiwan, and Germany. Australia acquired 12 drones and related equipment for approximately ₹13,700 crores (about $1.8 billion), while Taiwan purchased 4 drones and related equipment for ₹4,980 crores (approximately $660 million). The UAE had procured 18 drones and related equipment for approximately ₹24,000 crores (around $3.2 billion) four years ago. According to the US Department of Defense’s announcement with India, the price quoted is based on the maximum dollar value and the best value proposition. However, the price could decrease when the final deal is struck.

India is expected to acquire these equipment for ₹33,000 crores. The deal includes 31 MQ-9B Sky Guardian aircraft, 161 navigation systems, 35 communication intelligence sensor suites, 171 AGM Hellfire missiles, 16 Hellfire training missiles, 310 GBU laser small diameter bombs, and 8 guided test vehicles. The deal also includes ground control stations, Hellfire missile launchers, friend and foe identification systems, and other equipment.

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