Dispute within Lalit Modi’s Family Over Company Shares: Allegations of Assault by Younger Brother Samir on His Mother, Complaint Filed at Police Station

The conflict between the promoters of Godfrey Phillips, a company with a production value of Rs. 11,000 crores for cigarettes and confectionery (sweets, cakes, chocolates, etc.), namely the Modi family, has escalated over the distribution of shares in the company. There has been a dispute between director Bina Modi and her son Samir Modi, who is also the executive director of the company.

Samir’s mother, Bina Modi, has filed a complaint against him at the Sarita Vihar Police Station in Delhi, alleging an attack. She accused him of being prevented from attending a board meeting by her mother, and in response, her security guards attacked her, resulting in her finger being broken. She stated, “I am here to get my finger fixed with a screw.”

Lalit Modi Shares Photo of Samir Modi

Lalit Modi has shared a photo of his younger brother, Samir Modi’s hospitalization on social media platform X. Sharing the photo, he wrote, “Seeing my brother in this condition has broken my heart.” 

He expressed shock at the incident, stating that it is appalling to witness a mother’s son being beaten by her security guards in such a manner that his hand is permanently damaged. This was his only fault – attending a meeting. All members of the board are responsible for this crime. My heart aches for him.

Lalit Modi has shared a hospital photo of younger brother Sameer Modi.

Company Denies Allegations

On the other hand, the company has denied any such incidents in its official statement and has refuted any claims made in the media regarding CCTV footage. In 2019, after the death of the company’s promoter, KK Modi, there was a court case regarding the distribution of shares in the company.

Currently, this case is pending in the Supreme Court. The Modi family holds 50% of the company’s shares, valued at Rs. 5,500 crores currently. Besides, the Modi family holds significant stakes in many other companies within the group.

Lalit Modi’s Family Profile

KK Modi has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son, Lalit Modi, is implicated in a money laundering case. His daughter, Charu Bharatiya Modi, oversees the family’s educational business conglomerate. The younger son, Samir Modi, manages retail and cosmetics-related businesses.

Godfrey Phillips India Limited: A Legacy Since 1844

Established in 1844, Godfrey Phillips India Limited is a leading company known for its Malboro cigarettes. Amidst ongoing tensions surrounding the company’s shares, Lalit Modi once stated that his mother and sister are abstaining from any legal disputes. 

Godfrey Phillips India Limited, a flagship company of Modi Enterprises, was founded in 1844 in London. Its headquarters are located in Delhi.

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