Maldives Refuses Hydrographic Survey Renewal with India; President Muizzu Declares 24/7 Sea Border Vigil; China to Provide Military Training

Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu has announced that they will not renew the agreement with India on hydrographic surveys. He stated that Maldives will gather necessary machinery and technology to initiate these surveys themselves.

Additionally, President Muizzu also announced that they will commence 24*7 monitoring of the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to ensure its security. This announcement came two days after signing an agreement with China for protection. President Muizzu further stated that under the agreement, Maldives will receive free (less risky) military equipment and training from China.

President Muizzu emphasized that Indian soldiers will no longer be stationed in the Maldives, even in civilian clothes. This announcement follows the signing of the first protection agreement with China earlier this Monday. Following the agreement, President Muizzu requested the presence of Indian citizens in the country to leave. He mentioned that even after May 10, there will be no Indian military personnel in Maldives, even in civilian clothing.

President Muizzu said – Some people are spreading rumors that Indian soldiers are leaving the country, they are just changing their uniforms as technical staff and returning to their country in civilian clothes. I completely deny these allegations.

What is the Hydrographic Survey Agreement?

In essence, under the agreement between India and Maldives, Indian soldiers will return to their country by May 10. In their place, Indian technical staff will oversee the operation of Maldives’ Rescue Unit. The first batch of this agreement will be completed by March 10. There are about 88 Indian soldiers in Maldives. They operate two helicopters and one aircraft.

Earlier, on December 15, Maldives had announced the termination of the Hydrographic Survey Agreement with India. The agreement will end on June 7, 2024. This agreement was signed in 2019 to conduct research on the waters of the Maldives.

Under this agreement, India was given permission to study the water, reefs, coastlines, maritime currents, and navigation in the Maldives. Between February 19 and February 26, 2023, the Indian Navy had held the third joint hydrographic survey with the Maldives National Protection Force. The first survey was conducted in March 2021 and the second in May 2022.

‘India Out’ campaign started in Maldives two years ago

Mohamed Muizzu had withdrawn his candidacy in the 2023 presidential elections in favor of Mohamed Solih. He had chanted ‘India Out’ slogans in front of the alleged presence of Indian soldiers in Maldives, and many protests were also held in this regard. This operation was based on the premise that the presence of Indian soldiers poses a threat to Maldives’ sovereignty.

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) leader Mohamed Muizzu won the Maldives presidential election held in October. PPM is known for its strong ties with China. After the victory, before the oath-taking ceremony in November 2023, Muizzu assured that Chinese soldiers would not be stationed in the place of Indian soldiers in Maldives.

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