Maruti Suzuki eWX: Electric Hatchback Design Patented in India – Potential Electric Version of WagonR with 230km Range on Full Charge

Maruti Suzuki, a prominent name in the Indian automotive industry, has recently patented the design of its latest venture into the entry-level electric car segment in India, the eWX. The company claims that this car will be capable of running up to 230 kilometers on a full charge.

This car could potentially be the electric version of the company’s popular hatchback, the WagonR. Its concept model has already been showcased at international events like the 2024 Bangkok International Motor Show and the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. It is expected to compete with models like the Tata Tiago EV, Citroen eC3, and MG Comet EV in the Indian market.

Maruti Suzuki is set to enter the Indian electric car market with the eWX electric SUV in 2025, followed by the launch of the budget-friendly compact EV eWX by 2026. The initial price for the eWX is anticipated to be around 10 lakh rupees (ex-showroom).

Possibility of Maruti Suzuki Naming eWX as WagonR Electric

Possibility of Maruti Suzuki Naming eWX as WagonR Electric

Maruti Suzuki has been working on the concept of an all-electric version of the WagonR for quite some time. Several prototype models of the battery-operated WagonR have been seen, but the entire project was shelved due to concerns over significantly increased costs and the need to offer customers a good range at an affordable price.

According to media reports, there’s a possibility that if Maruti Suzuki proceeds with the eWX, it could be marketed as the ‘WagonR EV’. However, it would be distinctly different from the current petrol-driven tallboy hatchback. As of now, the company has not provided any official information regarding this.

Maruti Suzuki is set to enter the world of EVs with the eWX, whose concept model was showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo. The company plans to launch this car in the global market, including India, within the first six months of the upcoming year. The company could launch the eWX either by the end of 2025 or at the beginning of 2026.

The eWX has been showcased at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 and the Japan Mobility Show 2023.

eWX Electric: Specifications and Design

When discussing the specifications of the eWX concept model, it’s clear that it doesn’t match the proportions of the WagonR, but it’s also smaller than the S-Presso. Therefore, in terms of space and practicality, the eWX electric may not meet expectations as a WagonR equivalent. 

However, it’s significantly larger than the MG DooMKeTu EV but smaller than the Tata Tiago EV. It features alloy wheels and green highlights around the car. Another attractive design element is the forward-extending windshield that enhances visibility. The wheel arches are surrounded by black cladding, giving it an SUV-like appearance.

eWX Electric: Specifications and Design

eWX Electric: Cabin and Range

In terms of the cabin of the eWX concept model, it features a dual-tone black and green dashboard along with an integrated screen setup. The interior layout is spacious, resembling that of an exterior hatchback. Between the front seats, there’s a rotary dial for the drive mode shifter.

eWX Electric: Cabin and Range

As of now, the company has not provided specific details regarding the battery pack and motor of the eWX electric car. However, it’s confirmed that the EV will offer a range of up to 230 kilometers on a full charge. This is comparable to other similar models like the MG Comet EV. Additionally, the eWX is expected to be a suitable 4-door, 4-seater car.

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