Reliance Acquires Pan-Pasand Toffee Maker in 27 Crore Deal

In the 1990s, the beloved candy business ‘Ravalgaon’ has been sold to Reliance Consumer Products Limited, marking a significant move in the FMCG sector. Reliance has acquired the trademark, recipes, and intellectual property rights of Ravalgaon.

Assets Consolidated: Ravalgaon’s Legacy Preserved

Assets including land, plants, machinery, and buildings will remain near Ravalgaon. This deal amounts to only 27 crore rupees. The company has disclosed this information in its filing on Friday (February 9).

Market Challenges Prompt Strategic Moves

As per the company’s statement, operating the confectionary business of late has been challenging. The company has attributed this to increasing competition in both organized and unorganized sectors, resulting in a loss of our market share. Additionally, rising prices of raw materials, labor costs, and energy expenses have also impacted profits.

Diverse Product Portfolio: Catering to Varied Tastes

Ravalgaon started with orange-flavored and hard candies. Subsequently, the company expanded its product range to include the country’s first pan-flavored candy, along with mango mood, coffee break, tutti-frutti, supreme toffee, cocoa cream, and other products.

Origin Rooted in Confectionary Tradition

The company’s journey began in 1933 when it was established by the business magnate Valchand Hirachand in the sugar mill of Ravalgaon village in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. In 1942, the company ventured into candy production under the Ravalgaon brand. Currently, the company boasts a total of nine brands, including mango mood and coffee break.

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