Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge Micro LED TV With 110-inch Screen, Starting at INR 1.14 Crore

Samsung, a leading global technology company, has recently launched its highly anticipated Micro LED TV in the Indian market. This cutting-edge television offering comes with a jaw-dropping price tag of over ₹1 crore, positioning it as a luxury product targeted at high-end consumers seeking the ultimate home entertainment experience.

One of the standout features of Samsung’s Micro LED TV is its enormous screen size, measuring an impressive 110 inches. This expansive canvas promises viewers an immersive and cinematic visual experience, akin to having a private theater right in the comfort of their living rooms. With its unmatched picture quality and advanced display technology, the Micro LED TV ensures vibrant colors, impeccable contrast, and captivating visuals.

In a recent press statement, Samsung expressed that their Micro LED TV has been meticulously crafted to cater to consumers who seek an unparalleled and ultra-premium viewing experience. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the television’s design, ensuring that it meets the exacting standards of those willing to invest in top-tier home entertainment.

Samsung’s Micro LED TV is not merely a technological marvel, but also a work of art that seamlessly blends with luxurious interior spaces. The minimalist and tasteful design of the television adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any living environment, elevating it to a distinctive level of opulence. The company recognizes that discerning consumers who desire a premium lifestyle value products that complement their individual style, and the Micro LED TV aims to fulfill that aspiration.

Samsung’s Micro LED TV is a technological marvel that incorporates a staggering 24.8 million micrometer-sized ultra-small LEDs, each measuring just 1/10th the size of larger LEDs. These micro-LEDs work in unison to create a truly immersive viewing experience, delivering impressive depth, vibrant colors, and a heightened level of clarity and contrast that captivates the audience.

At the heart of this revolutionary technology are five key components: Micro LED, Micro Contrast, Micro Colour, Micro HDR, and Micro AI processor.

In addition to its remarkable technological features, the Samsung Micro LED TV boasts a construction using sapphire material, renowned as the second hardest material found on Earth. This choice of material further reinforces the TV’s commitment to exceptional durability and premium craftsmanship, ensuring that it stands the test of time and retains its immaculate appearance even after prolonged use.

Starting from today, consumers in India can experience the awe-inspiring capabilities of the Samsung Micro LED TV, as it becomes available at select retail stores across the country. For the utmost convenience, customers can also explore and purchase the television through Samsung’s official website,

As the epitome of luxury and technological excellence, the Samsung Micro LED TV comes with a price tag of ₹1,14,99,000. While this premium pricing may place the television in the realm of exclusivity, it is a testament to the cutting-edge advancements and unparalleled viewing experience that the TV offers. Discerning consumers willing to invest in the ultimate home entertainment solution can now own a piece of the future in television technology.

Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung India, expressed his enthusiasm and pride regarding the launch of the Micro LED TV. He described the Micro LED as a “technological and design masterpiece,” emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing consumers with an unparalleled and immersive viewing experience.

Mr. Singh highlighted the tasteful and luxurious design of the Micro LED TV, stating that it perfectly complements the opulent lifestyle of Samsung’s discerning consumers. The TV’s elegant design elevates premium living spaces, adding a larger-than-life grandiose touch to the overall ambiance of luxurious interiors.

Furthermore, Mr. Singh conveyed his pleasure in introducing the Micro LED TV as a groundbreaking means to reimagine immersive entertainment. By employing cutting-edge Micro LED technology and advanced design, Samsung aims to offer consumers an unrivaled and captivating viewing experience. This commitment to delivering exceptional picture quality, vibrant colors, and impeccable contrast aligns perfectly with the company’s vision of providing an unparalleled home entertainment experience.

The Samsung Micro LED TV takes the audio experience to new heights with its Arena Sound, a sophisticated audio technology that harnesses the power of three key components: OTS Pro, Dolby Atmos, and Q-Symphony. The combination of these features promises an unparalleled 3D sound and an overwhelming cinematic experience, further enhancing the immersive viewing journey for users.

The Samsung Micro LED TV’s micro AI processor further enhances the viewing experience, not only for new content but also for aged videos. The processor employs a range of advanced AI-powered upscaling techniques to improve the picture quality of older videos, breathing new life into them and elevating their resolution to the highest possible level.

Samsung proudly presents the Micro LED TV as the epitome of futuristic design, boasting a bezel-less frame and no-gap slimness that seamlessly integrates into any living space, regardless of the style and décor. The TV’s sleek and minimalist design ensures that it becomes an elegant addition to any room, elevating the overall aesthetic without overshadowing the surrounding decor.

The Micro LED TV range also comes with innovative features such as Art Mode and Ambient Mode+, offering users the freedom to personalize their viewing experience and transform their TV into more than just an entertainment display.

In conclusion, Samsung’s Micro LED TV not only impresses with its groundbreaking technological features but also stands out for its futuristic and adaptable design. The bezel-less frame and slim profile ensure a seamless integration into any interior space, while the Art Mode and Ambient Mode+ features elevate the TV’s functionality beyond entertainment, transforming it into a personalized centerpiece that complements and enhances the overall ambiance of the room. The Micro LED TV truly represents the pinnacle of modern design, redefining the concept of a home entertainment display and offering users an unparalleled and customized viewing experience.

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