Meet Saurabh Saxena: The Man Behind Ambani, Adani, and TATA’s Success, Now Making Waves in Colombo

Indians Making Waves Globally

Indians are making waves all over the world, being honored with various awards. India is now significantly advancing in terms of investments as well. Professionals are helping the Indian government invest in various locations. These professionals play important roles not only in India but also abroad.

Achievements and Recognition

Indians are making names for themselves in various fields worldwide, whether in sports or business, and are receiving awards in different places. Another Indian has now emerged who will be honored with a Universal Award in Sri Lanka.

Working with Leading Industrialists and Trade Groups

This Indian is Saurabh Saxena, who is playing a crucial role in increasing investments for the Indian government. Additionally, he has worked with many state governments and leading industrialists and trade groups in the country. Let us also tell you which award Saurabh Saxena will receive.

Award for Outstanding Contribution

The Universal Merit Awards 2024 will honor Saurabh Saxena for his outstanding contribution to increasing investments for the Indian government. This award will be presented to him in Colombo. The BMICH International Convention Center is organizing the Universal Merit Awards 2024.

Special Guest: Deputy Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament

Many prestigious figures from various countries will participate in this event. Former President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, will attend the ceremony as the chief guest. The special guest will be Ajith Rajapakse, the Deputy Speaker of the Sri Lankan Parliament.

Connection with Tata, Adani, and Ambani

Saurabh Saxena helps the government attract investments, advocate favorable policies, and strategize for strategic investments. Saurabh has successfully facilitated investments in many states across India. He has successfully supported investments from major entities like the Adani Group, Mahindra, Tata Group, and Reliance.

Collaborations and Current Role

He has also worked with several state governments, the World Bank, IFAD, and multinational corporations. Currently, Saurabh holds a significant position at Ernst & Young. His current focus is on contributing to the UK-India investment policy.

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