Adani Group Invests Rs 8339 Crore to Double Capacity at Ambuja

Under the portfolio of Adani Group, Ambuja Cements Limited (Ambuja) has seen a surge in its growth. The promoters of the company have infused over ₹8,339 crore by subscribing to the company’s warrant program, raising the total capital to ₹20,000 crore. The Adani family has increased its stake in the company by raising it from 3.6% to 70.3%.

Previously, on October 18, 2022, and on March 28, 2024, the company raised ₹5,000 crore and ₹6,661 crore respectively. This strategic portfolio adjustment demonstrates the strong commitment to robust portfolio management for companies under this visionary framework, bolstering the future capabilities of the cement vertical and showcasing Adani Family’s steadfast dedication.

The expansion of the cement vertical by Ambuja Cements Limited (Ambuja) will be crucial in achieving an annual capacity of 140 million tonnes by the year 2028. Subsequently, it will enhance managerial performance through various strategic initiatives, including augmenting resources, improving supply chain efficiency, and fostering innovation and product development. This endeavor will also incentivize innovation and product development by integrating state-of-the-art technology for better service offerings.

Ajay Kapur, CEO of Ambuja Cements, expressed enthusiasm about Ambuja’s primary capital infusion of ₹20,000 crore by the Adani family, which has been completed. This fund infusion strengthens Ambuja’s rapid growth, underscores Moody’s management strategy, and enhances its best-in-class balance sheet resilience, thus providing flexibility to Moody’s in affirming our vision and business model and reaffirming our commitment to creating long-term value for stakeholders.

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