Amit Shah Launches Campaign: First Rally in Sanand, Central Home Minister Rides Decorated Truck, Enthusiasm Despite Rising Heat

On April 19th, BJP’s candidate for the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency and the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, will visit to file his nomination papers. Preceding this, today, on April 18th, a rally will be held in Gandhinagar Lok Sabha. The rally is scheduled to take place in Sanand and Kalol in the morning. 

A large number of BJP workers have gathered at the APMC circle in Sanand. As Amit Shah arrived to kickstart the rally, the enthusiasm among party workers was palpable, and he was warmly welcomed. 

Amidst a spectacle of decorated trucks, Amit Shah embarked on the rally journey. Despite the scorching heat, there is a surge of human presence. The route of the rally is adorned with saffron hues, creating a festive atmosphere. Amit Shah is seen waving at the crowds with fervor.

Meanwhile, in the Gandhinagar parliamentary constituency, Jay Shah, son of the incumbent MP, has begun campaigning. Before the rally commenced, Jay Shah inspected a route of about 500 meters and received greetings from the public.

Jay Shah inspected a route of about 500 meters

BJP Rally in Gujarat: Celebration Amidst Political Fervor

With the backdrop of lotus motifs adorning the surroundings, the atmosphere has turned electrifying with the presence of top BJP leaders. Sporting saffron-colored turbans, BJP workers have come out in full force. In a symbolic gesture, many BJP activists have adorned their foreheads with the tilak of the lotus symbol. 

The air resonates with the beats of drums and the chanting of slogans. Former Home Minister of Gujarat, Pradipsinh Jadeja, has also arrived to participate in Amit Shah’s rally. Alongside, MPs Amit Shah and Pradipsinh Vaghela are also present to partake in the rally. 

Women, in significant numbers, have also joined the procession, marching alongside the BJP flags. The streets echo with the enthusiasm of women supporters, adding to the vibrant ambiance of Dhol-Nagada beats.

Amit Shah to Hold Saffron Rally in Sanand, Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituency: Campaigning “Modi Ki Guarantee”

Under the umbrella of the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, BJP candidate and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will conduct a saffron-themed rally in Sanand. Alongside traditional campaign motifs, the rally will also emphasize the message of “Modi Ki Guarantee.”

"Amitbhai Aave Che" - Youth Enthusiasm in Traditional Attire:

“Amitbhai Aave Che” – Youth Enthusiasm in Traditional Attire:

Accompanied by vibrant umbrellas and dressed in traditional attire, youth are ready to welcome Amit Shah with fervor. 

Banners displaying slogans like “Amitbhai Aave Che” and “Ab Ki Baar 400 Paar” adorn the surroundings. Amit Shah will embark on the rally, riding in an icer truck, which itself will be adorned with flowers and saffron colors.

Teams ready for cleanliness

Post-Rally Cleanliness Teams Ready in Ahmedabad:

Starting from 4:00 PM onwards, rallies have been organized in Sabarmati, Ghatlodiya, Naranpura, and Vejalpur constituencies in Ahmedabad. Additionally, a public meeting will also be held in Vejalpur. 

Following Amit Shah’s rally, teams for cleanliness have been prepared. These teams will undertake cleaning activities at the end of each roadshow in every constituency.

Youths in traditional costumes of Maharashtra

Route of the Sanand Rally:

  • Sanand Ghodagadi Stand and Rickshaw Stand (APMC Circle)
  • Sanand Taluka Panchayat Office
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue
  • Sanand Bus Stand
  • Sanand-Nalsarovar Crossroads – Conclusion

Grand Welcome Planned for Amit Shah’s Rally:

Central Home and Cooperative Minister Amit Shah will conduct rallies in the Sabarmati, Ghatlodiya, Naranpura, and Vejalpur constituencies of Ahmedabad. For this, 60 separate stages have been set up at various locations. 

Diverse communities and religious groups are preparing to welcome Amit Shah in advance. The rally will witness a significant turnout of legislators, corporators, ward leaders, and party workers. More than 1000 youth, along with their bikes and banners, will join the rally to support the Central Home Minister.

Rally preparation completed by BJP

Route of the Kalol Rally:

  • J.P. Gate (Kalol City)
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue
  • Bhavani Nagar
  • Khooni Bunglow Lake Road
  • Tower Chowk – Conclusion
The youth painted the BJP flag on their bodies and were seen in saffron colored dhoti

Route of the Sabarmati Rally:

  • Sardar Patel Chowk
  • Rani Vijay Circle
  • Vinu Mankad Municipal Swimming Pool
  • Shri Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Shantaram Community Hall
  • Chandlodia Road – Conclusion

Route of the Ghatlodiya Rally:

  • Chandlodia Road – Umiya Hall Junction
  • Amul Auda Garden Chowk
  • Prabhat Chowk
  • Veer Maharana Pratap Statue
  • Gaurav Path
  • Ranna Park, Nirnay Nagar – Conclusion

Route of the Naranpura Rally:

  • Ranna Park
  • Chai Wale
  • Patel Dairy
  • AEC Bridge
  • Sahajanand Avenue
  • Sun Flat Society
  • Jaydeep Hospital
  • Loyola School
  • Krishna Dairy – Conclusion

Route of the Vejalpur Rally:

  • Jivraj Park
  • Tulsivan Society
  • Vejalpur Library & Gymnasium
  • Near Corporation Ward Office, Vejalpur – Conclusion and Public Meeting

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