Sodexo BRS’s Transition to Pluxee is Opening up a World of Opportunities

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Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services (BRS) India, the leader in employee benefits and engagement, is transitioning to Pluxee. With a proud legacy spanning over 25 years, the company has established itself as a pioneer in the benefits and rewards space. It has earned its place as a partner of trust with stakeholders across India.

Pluxee provides a range of future-ready employee benefits, covering everything from meals and fuel to wellbeing, all accessible on a single platform. The company’s suite of products also consists of a whole range of incentive and recognition solutions which can be used to deliver unlimited choice or targeted for specific gifts like meal experiences.

Anish Sarkar, CEO of Pluxee India, said, “With Pluxee, our aim is to address stakeholders key challenges with proven, sustainable solutions that are driven by change.Pluxee stands for delivering digital-first, cutting-edge tech solutions. Specialising in creating personalised and sustainable services, Pluxee elevates businesses and employee experiences at work and beyond.”

What does the name Pluxee represent:

Pluxee opens up a world of opportunities for all stakeholders:

Plux suggests positivity – the opportunities to make life more joyful.

The X symbolises personalised and sustainable experiences – the commitment to stay stakeholder-first.

The double ee represents employee engagement’ – empowering the workforce to choose how they live, work, and play.

Pluxee’s Ambition:

Creating enriching and sustainable employee experiences at work and beyond.

Delivering adaptable digital solutions that allow stakeholders to cater to their unique, evolving needs effortlessly.

Providing scalable platforms, ensuring a consistent, exceptional experience.

Innovations towards a cleaner and responsible future:

Pluxee has been demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility in everything it does. The company has reduced its environmental footprint by digitising contracts, offering cardless payments, working with eco-conscious vendors, and using clean energy sources.

The company is also committed to supporting individuals and communities by promoting diversity and inclusion, offering opportunities for differently abled individuals, and partnering with numerous NGOs.

Pluxee has been recognised as a Great Place To Work in India for four consecutive years, which reaffirms its commitment to employees by creating a workplace where they can thrive and do more of what matters to them.

Technology has emerged as a powerful tool in Pluxee’s sustainability journey. By embracing digitisation, the company has reduced the climate impact associated with travel and logistics. The company will continue working towards a sustainable and better tomorrow for all.

About Pluxee India

Pluxee is the global leader in employee benefits and engagement that opens up a world of opportunities to help everyone enjoy more of what really matters to them. With 25+ years of expertise and trust, the brand nurtures a strong relationship with 11,000+ companies across the public and private sectors in India. Pluxee’s support extends to over 3.5 million consumers, amplifying their purchasing power and promoting overall well-being. As a partner of trust to 1,000,000+ merchants, they are committed to growing further as a leader in employee benefits and engagement.

Pluxee crafts meaningful, engaging, and unique experiences that enhance the well-being of individuals at work and in their personal lives. With meals, fuel, telecom, learning, wellness, and more on a single card and app, the brand is thoughtfully designed to bring more value to consumers. Pluxee’s overarching mission is to empower clients, partners, and consumers to embrace sustainability in their everyday choices.

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