SpiceJet’s Chief Commercial Officer and COO Resign to Launch Charter Airline

SpiceJet, the airline company grappling with financial constraints and legal battles, has witnessed the resignation of its Chief Commercial Officer Shilpa Bhatia and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Arun Kashyap.

According to media reports, Bhatia and Kashyap will start a new charter airline business together. Currently, both officials are in their notice period, which ends on March 31st.

Arun’s wife, Minakshi Kashyap, and Shilpa’s husband, Ajay Bhatia, started a new company named Sirius Indian Airlines Private Limited in August 2023. At that time, SpiceJet had stated that Sirius Airlines could not proceed without SpiceJet’s consent.

Arun Kashyap also left the company in 2022. Arun Kashyap, the CEO, had previously joined Air India as Chief Transformation Officer after leaving SpiceJet in 2022. However, within a year, he left Air India and rejoined SpiceJet.

Kashyap has worked with Jet Airways and Oman Air. Prior to this, they worked at SpiceJet as Chief Program and Transformation Officer.

The company has recently raised approximately Rs. 1000 crore from various investors. The company is currently undergoing restructuring. Recently, as part of cost-cutting measures, the company has downsized around 800 employees.

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