Ujjivan Small Finance Bank FD: Earn 8.25% Interest on Revised Rates

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, a prominent financial institution, has recently made revisions to its fixed deposit (FD) interest rates, providing customers with an opportunity to earn attractive returns. In this regard, the bank has introduced an enticing interest rate of 8.25% for a specific FD tenure. This move aims to offer customers enhanced growth potential and foster financial prosperity. Read on to learn more about the revised FD interest rates and the benefits they bring to investors.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank recognizes the significance of fixed deposits as a reliable investment avenue that generates steady returns. In its commitment to meeting customer expectations and providing competitive investment options, the bank has revised its FD interest rates. As a result, customers can now enjoy an impressive interest rate of 8.25% on a specified tenure, thereby maximizing their investment potential.

The revised FD interest rates demonstrate Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s dedication to empowering customers with attractive investment opportunities. By offering a highly competitive interest rate, the bank aims to attract both existing and new customers seeking secure investment avenues. Investors can leverage this opportunity to optimize their financial portfolios and capitalize on the potential for substantial returns.

Tenure BucketExisting ROIProposed ROI
12 months6.50%8.25%
FD Rates

The interest rate of 8.25% provided by Ujjivan Small Finance Bank on this specific FD tenure aligns with the prevailing market rates and showcases the bank’s commitment to delivering competitive value to its clientele. By offering an interest rate that surpasses the average market rate, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank stands out as a premier banking institution, capable of providing lucrative investment prospects.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s FD scheme ensures the safety and security of investors’ funds, which are protected against market fluctuations. The bank adheres to robust risk management practices, ensuring a high level of stability and reliability for customers’ investments. Moreover, the interest earned on fixed deposits is subject to tax deductions as per prevailing regulations, and customers are encouraged to consult with their tax advisors for personalized advice.

Customers interested in availing themselves of this exceptional FD offering by Ujjivan Small Finance Bank can approach any of the bank’s branches or access its digital banking platform for convenient and hassle-free investment. The bank’s customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive efficient and transparent services throughout the investment process.


Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s recent revision of its fixed deposit interest rates, offering an attractive 8.25% interest rate on a specified tenure, provides investors with an excellent opportunity to generate substantial returns on their investments. By aligning with prevailing market rates and demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction, the bank showcases its expertise and reliability as a trusted financial institution. Investors can capitalize on this revised FD scheme to optimize their investment portfolios and experience enhanced financial growth.

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