Short-Term Alternative Investment Space Soars By 44%; KredX to Discount Invoices Worth Rs 500+ Crore in a Day

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KredX, India’s largest supply chain finance platform, today announced the 7th edition of KredX Muhurat Trading, Indias biggest invoice discounting and alternative investment event, scheduled for November 07, 2023. This KredX flagship event offers an opportunity to both investors and businesses where investors get access to attractive returns and premium rewards, while businesses can quickly secure working capital by selling their unpaid invoices in seconds. KredX Muhurat Trading 2022 witnessed participation from 1,500+ investors, with more than 20,000 invoices listed and discounted on a single day, and more than 500 businesses were able to generate quick working capital. This online event ensures quick sale of invoices, as fast as 45 seconds, for the participating businesses.

7th edition of KredX Muhurat Trading

A recent trend in the investment space showcases a significant shift towards alternative investments. High-net-worth individuals (HNIs) are progressively exploring alternative financing as an investment avenue, emphasizing the need for greater flexibility, transparency, and faster returns-qualities that alternative investments are uniquely positioned to provide. Based on research conducted by KredX, the short-term alternative investment space, specifically in invoice discounting for the retail investor segment, has experienced a remarkable 44% surge. In 2023 alone, it has demonstrated an impressive twofold growth compared to the preceding year.

As the alternative investments market continues to rise, KredX, as one of Indias leading short term alternative investments platforms, has created a unique avenue for investors and businesses to benefit mutually through KredX Muhurat Trading.

Commenting on the announcement, Manish Kumar, Founder & CEO of KredX said, “As we embark on the 7th edition of KredX Muhurat Trading, were proud to be at the forefront of this remarkable shift in the investment landscape. The rising interest in alternative investments reflects a growing appetite for innovation and financial flexibility. Through KredX Muhurat Trading, investors have the unique opportunity to directly participate in Indias growth story, empowering businesses with the timely working capital they need to fulfill their requirements.”

He added, “At KredX, weve harnessed this momentum to create a unique platform where investors and businesses can forge mutually beneficial partnerships. Our event not only unlocks attractive returns for investors but empowers businesses to secure working capital swiftly. The Muhurat Trading Day 2023 will help businesses make the most of the festive demand by getting immediate working capital and drive even 10x growth with immediate sanction limits and reduced special discount-rates through this event. We aim to discount invoices worth more than Rs 500 crore in a single day this Muhurat Trading Day.”

About KredX
Founded in 2015 in Bangalore by Manish Kumar and Anurag Jain, KredX is Indias largest supply chain finance platform accelerating finance through the use of cutting-edge technology and data. The company offers a host of customisable solutions ranging from enterprise finance and cash flow management solutions to working capital and channel financing solutions for businesses, large and small, operating within the supply chain ecosystem while offering unique alternative debt investment solutions to investors worldwide. Through the use of reliable technology to accelerate customer growth, the company aims to become the world’s fastest operating system for supply chain finance.

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