Vistara Ends CCI Approves Air India Merger – A Milestone Deal

Tata Group is making a significant move in expanding its airline business, and one major step is the rebranding of Vistara Airlines as Tata SIA Airlines. This move reflects the combined venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines.

New Delhi: The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has granted approval to Tata Group’s aviation company, Air India, and Vistara’s merger, subject to certain conditions. Following Vistara’s integration, Air India has now become the country’s second-largest domestic airline and the largest international airline.

For Tata Group, a significant milestone is on the horizon in its airline business expansion efforts. Vistara Airlines will now also be recognized as Tata SIA Airlines due to the joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines.

On Friday, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) announced on social networking platform X that they have approved the merger, stating, CCI has granted approval to the proposed voluntary commitments made by Tata SIA Airlines for the divestment and acquisition of certain shares in Air India, as well as the acquisition by Singapore Airlines in Air India.

Vistara is a full-service airline owned by the Tata Group and Air India.

In Vistara, Singapore Airlines holds a 49% stake. Last November, Tata Group announced its expansion merger with Air India, in which Singapore Airlines will also acquire a 25.1% stake in Air India under the deal.

In April, approval was sought from CCI for the proposed merger.

The parties involved include Tata Sons Private Limited (TSPL), Air India Limited, Tata SIA Airlines Limited (TSAL), and Singapore Airlines Limited.

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