Crackdown on Black Money: 400 IT Officers Seize Over ₹10 Crore Cash and Gold in 15 Days, with 20 Daily Calls to Combat Financial Fraud

Following the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, there has been a surge in suspicious financial transactions across the state. In response, the Income Tax Department has initiated special preparations to keep a vigilant eye on these transactions. The department has set up control rooms and quick response teams to effectively carry out monitoring activities. 

With a focus on tracking black money and curbing election-related malpractices, the department has deployed teams comprising over 400 officers. These officers have seized more than ₹10 crore in cash and gold within the last 15 days alone, showcasing the department’s heightened commitment to ensuring fair and transparent electoral processes.

Income Tax Department Directed to Swiftly Address Black Money During Elections

In conjunction with the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, the Income Tax Department has been directed to promptly address instances of black money. With the onset of election campaigns, the department has been instructed to closely monitor the flow of funds and the utilization of illicit finances. 

According to sources within the Income Tax Department, special teams have been deployed to Gujarat amid concerns of heightened illicit financial activities during the elections.

Income Tax Department Seizes ₹10 Crore in Cash and Bullion

The Income Tax Department has made significant seizures amounting to a total of ₹10 crore in cash and bullion thus far. Recently, based on information received from a passenger arriving at Ahmedabad airport, a sum of ₹55 lakh was confiscated. 

Subsequently, based on the leads from the interrogation of the said individual, raids were conducted on associates, leading to the seizure of millions of rupees. Additionally, in other cases, both cash and bullion worth crores of rupees were also seized by the Income Tax Department.

Violence Reported in IT Control Rooms

Incidents of violence have been reported in Income Tax control rooms. During election times, these control rooms, established by the Income Tax Department to swiftly address instances of black money, receive an average of 15 to 20 calls daily. 

These calls, primarily from citizens, also involve crucial information from various organizations. However, some calls involve violent situations. In such cases, authorities transfer the calls to the police for further action.

Teams Formed at Airports and Railway Stations

On one front, the Income Tax Department has deployed teams of officers at all airports in the state. These teams are tasked with monitoring passengers and activities to prevent illicit financial transactions. 

Additionally, special teams, accompanied by the police, have been assembled at railway stations to keep a close watch on passengers. Recently, a passenger was apprehended with ₹55 lakh in cash at one of these locations.

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