13-Year-Old Prodigy Conquers Unbeatable Tetris Video Game

Thirteen-year-old Willy Gibson from America has achieved the remarkable feat of never losing in Tetris until now. Originally playing on Nintendo’s version of the game, Gibson reached a level where glitches in Tetris’s coding and a game crash occurred. This means that Gibson reached a level where the limitations of both hardware and software were tested. The game involves shooting falling blocks to progress.

The Unbeatable Game Due to Lack of Scripted Coding

The reason this game has remained unbeatable for so long is that it does not have scripted coding. On December 21, Gibson reached level 157 of the game. After completing this level, the player receives a victory message. Tetris makers also congratulated Gibson for his achievement.

What Makes This Game Most Challenging?

According to David MacDonald, a gaming YouTuber, a significant number of players get stuck at levels 20 and 30. The speed of the blocks increases even with gaming controllers after level 29. Beyond level 30, players need to master the technique known as “Hyper Tapping.” In this technique, power has to be increased in the built-in speed of the game to achieve faster responses. This allows players to progress further at an accelerated pace.

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