Actor Sahil Khan’s Remand Approved Until May 1: Mumbai SIT Alleges Involvement in Mahadev App Case; Arrested in Jagdalpur

Actor Sahil Khan, apprehended from Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, in connection with the Mahadev Betting App case, has been remanded in police custody until May 1 by a Mumbai court. Khan will remain in police custody for four days. The Mumbai Cyber Cell’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) had detained Khan in connection with the Mahadev Betting App case.

Following medical examination in Mumbai, he was presented before the court. In court, the police revealed Sahil Khan’s involvement in the Mahadev Betting App as an accused. According to police sources, Sahil had promoted this app on social media and other platforms.

Sahil Khan is accused of promoting the Lion Book app and attending events

Sahil Khan’s Lawyer Asserts Limited Role, Financial Transactions Scrutinized

According to Sahil Khan’s legal representative, Sahil is a celebrity with a strictly defined role. Police have reportedly found two SIM cards and bank accounts, but none in Sahil’s name. He has not received any money.

Under an influencer agreement, Sahil was supposed to receive ₹3 lakh per month, which he claims he never received. He has also submitted his passport.

Sahil Khan is accused of operating a betting site and promoting a betting app. Mumbai’s Mataunga Police had initially brought his name up in the investigation of the Mahadev Betting App case. Subsequently, the SIT had questioned Sahil regarding the matter.

Sahil Arrested in Jagdalpur, Enroute to Mumbai

Sahil Khan was apprehended in Jagdalpur on Saturday by Mumbai’s Cyber Cell. He is currently being escorted back to Mumbai. 

Reports suggest that Sahil is associated with the betting app website named “Lotus Book 24/7” as a partner, which is allegedly part of the Mahadev Betting App network.

SIT Currently Interrogating Sahil

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Mumbai’s Cyber Cell is currently interrogating Sahil Khan amidst investigations into the alleged illegal dealings of several real estate companies and promoters associated with the controversial Mahadev Betting App. As per the FIR filed by the police, the estimated value of this case is around ₹15,000 crores.

In this case, Sahil Khan and 31 others are under investigation. Police have stated that the probe includes scrutiny of their bank accounts, mobile phones, laptops, and all technical devices. Further investigations are underway.

Allegations of Promoting Applications

Sahil Khan is accused of promoting the Line Book app and attending events. After promoting Line Book, he launched the Lotus Book 24/7 app as a partner. Sahil utilized his celebrity status for the promotion of the app, inviting celebrities and organizing lavish parties.

Currently, investigations are ongoing in this case. It is anticipated that the police may unveil more significant aspects of this case in the near future.

Who is Sahil Khan?

Actor Sahil Khan is well-known for his dedication to fitness. He has worked in films like “Excuse Me” and “Style.” Although he couldn’t make much progress in the industry, he did not leave it. 

Afterward, he embarked on his fitness journey and became a fitness influencer. Sahil runs a company called Divine Nutrition, which sells supplements.

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