Elon Musk’s Meeting in China Spurs Preparation for Tesla’s Self-Driving Software Rollout, Data Transfer Hiccups Possible

Following his visit to India, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has touched down in Beijing, China, as reported by Reuters. Musk is anticipated to engage in discussions with senior officials regarding the rollout of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software. 

In addition to this agenda, talks may also revolve around training algorithms for the software by aggregating data gathered in China. Furthermore, there could be discussions regarding obtaining permissions for transferring the accumulated data from China to foreign destinations. Leveraging recorded videos showcasing the driving behaviors of Tesla drivers worldwide, Elon Musk aims to facilitate the education of FSD.

Image of Elon Musk's private plane Gulfstream G550 landing. The plane is registered under SpaceX with registration code N272BG. Social media user Yan Chang shared these pictures on X.

Tesla’s Chinese Driver Data Collected Since 2021 in Shanghai

Since 2021, Tesla has been accumulating data from its Chinese drivers in Shanghai, which has not been transferred to the United States. 

The data gathered from Tesla’s Chinese fleet in Shanghai has remained localized, reflecting the company’s approach to data handling. Tesla launched its most autonomous version of its Autopilot software, known as FSD, four years ago.

FSD Not Yet Available in China Despite Customer Demand

Despite customer demands, Full Self-Driving (FSD) has not yet been made available in China. Responding to a question on social media platform X, Musk mentioned that Tesla has not yet rolled out FSD for customers in China. 

However, he indicated that the company may introduce FSD for Chinese customers later this month.

Tesla Sells Over 17 Million Cars in China; Plans for Factory in India

Tesla has sold more than 17 million cars in China, with its factory in Shanghai being the largest in the world. Tesla is also considering establishing a factory in India. 

Musk had plans to visit India recently; however, due to scheduling constraints, the meeting was postponed.

Largest Auto Show in China Ongoing During Musk’s Visit to Beijing

During Musk’s visit to Beijing, the largest auto show in the country is underway. It began nine days ago and will conclude on the 4th of May. 

Notably, Tesla does not have a booth at the biggest auto show in China, despite its participation in the event last in 2021.

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