Protecting Children from Online Gaming Bullying – Encouraging Parental Communication

It’s not uncommon for your child to experience cyberbullying in online gaming environments, right? Experts emphasize that parents should pay attention to their children’s usual complaints. Anita Lo Lim, Chief Officer of Touch Community Services in Singapore, states that harmful behavior can manifest in various forms during online gaming. Children may face exclusion because they’re not as skilled as other gamers. They might endure insults or occasionally face threats.

Understanding the Emotional Impact of Online Gaming on Children

Lim explains that when your child isn’t chosen as a teammate in online gaming, it can give rise to feelings of rejection, which can be psychologically taxing for them. According to Lim, if not addressed early, this could lead to significant emotional challenges for children in the future. She advises that parents should pay attention when their children prefer solitude as it might indicate deeper emotional issues.

Carol Soon, Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, expresses concern that if young gamers and their parents are unaware of how to respond, online gaming can pose significant risks. Dr. Soon emphasizes the need to view bullying not from the perspective of the perpetrator but from that of the victim.

Monitoring Children’s Gaming Habits

Experts emphasize the importance for parents to keep an eye on their children’s gaming habits. Familiarizing themselves with their children’s experiences allows parents to navigate through potential challenges and continue engaging with games responsibly. Dr. Soon notes that while adults may perceive these issues as trivial, they can cause significant emotional impacts on young gamers. Therefore, it’s crucial for parents to remain attentive and proactive in understanding and managing their children’s gaming activities.

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