Tragic Accident Near Kotambi, Vadodara: Four Dead as Pick-Up Van Plunges Into Canal

Accident Near Kotambi, Near Vadodara

An accident occurred near Kotambi, close to Vadodara. A pickup van overturned, causing water from the pipes filled in the van to spill out. There were more than 10 people in the vehicle, and four individuals have been reported dead. Seven or more injured individuals have been rushed to Sayaji Hospital for treatment.

Immediate Scene Reached: Jashubhai Vaghela

Jashubhai Vaghela, the Sub Fire Officer at BRC Fire Station, informed that the incident happened right next to the stadium. We received a message and immediately reached the scene of the accident. It was revealed that the accident occurred due to a burst tire of the pickup van. Upon investigation, it was found that the tire had burst. Water had filled in the pipes nearby the road. As the pickup van overturned, we rushed to the scene. At that time, four people were rescued, including two children and two men. Another injured individual, identified as Lalitaben Shankarbhai Vakha (age 22), has been taken to Sayaji Hospital for treatment.

Unexpected Incident: Passenger

Shankarbhai Vakhar, a passenger, mentioned that he is a native of Rajasthan and had come to Vadodara for work. I was sitting in the back. Suddenly, something happened that I couldn’t understand. There was a sudden accident, and the pickup overturned.

Accident as Described by the Driver

The driver of the Bolero pickup, Vimal Damor, stated that he had been driving the Bolero pickup for a year. We were coming from Jhalod to Vadodara, and at that time, the tire of the empty side collided with the divider, causing the vehicle to overturn. There were 10 to 15 people in the vehicle. We went to Jhalod to fetch wood. All passengers in the vehicle were injured.

Inclusion of Children Among the Deceased

On the Vadodara-Halol highway, a Bolero pickup overturned, injuring 15 to 20 people. 6 to 7 ambulances arrived, and 4 of them reached Sayaji Hospital. The injured are being treated. The fire brigade has also reached the scene near Kotambi, and rescue operations are underway. 5 people have been taken to Sayaji Hospital for treatment. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, 108 ambulance service was called. Children are also among the deceased.

Death Toll Could Rise

An accident occurred near the Kotambi cricket stadium in Vadodara city involving a Bolero pickup vehicle. The Bolero pickup driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn. A team of 108 ambulances arrived at the scene, and the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. The fire brigade personnel and local residents worked together to rescue the passengers trapped in the Bolero pickup van. Information has been received that there were 12 to 15 people in the Bolero pickup van. The death toll could rise further. Among the 12 passengers, 4 have already died, including two children and two adults. The rental vehicle was coming from Dahod to Vadodara.

4 Deaths Confirmed: PI

PI Kripalsinh Zala of Jarod Police Station stated that 4 people have died in the accident, and we have reached the scene. The injured are being treated at the hospital. We have also sought assistance from the FSL. We have started investigating this matter.

4 Bodies Sent for Postmortem

The Vadodara Fire Brigade team was working near the accident site. At that time, the Fire Brigade team immediately reached the accident site. At that time, the Bolero was in the water. Therefore, the Fire Brigade team removed the vehicle and sent 4 bodies for postmortem. 7 injured were taken to Sayaji Hospital for treatment. From Vadodara, wood was being brought from Jhalod, and Vimal Damor, the driver, belongs to Indiranagar, Jhalod. There were more than 10 passengers inside. All passengers were separate.

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