Early Morning Blaze Engulfs Cars in Ahmedabad: One Ignited Vehicle Sparks Fire in 3 Others, Prompting a Panic-Inducing Stampede

Fire Breaks Out in Alok Pushpak Bungalows, Ghodasar, Ahmedabad

In a startling incident in the sprawling Ghodasar area of Ahmedabad, a massive fire broke out in the Alok Pushpak Bungalows on Smriti Mandir Road. The vehicles parked in the vicinity of the bungalows were engulfed in flames, causing immediate concern among the locals. Promptly, local residents rushed to the scene as the fire brigade team was informed about the incident.

Two fire brigade vehicles swiftly arrived at the site and, with the fire spreading rapidly, managed to control the situation. The intensity of the fire was such that it reached the neighboring bungalows before being brought under control. Fortunately, everyone evacuated safely before the flames could escalate further.

One after another, vehicles caught fire, creating a chaotic scene. According to information from the fire brigade, a message was received about a car on fire around 5 AM in the vicinity of Alok Pushpak Bungalows. As a result, two fire brigade vehicles were immediately dispatched.

Upon arrival, they found a car parked in the lane of Alok Pushpak Bungalows engulfed in flames. The fire quickly spread to three other vehicles nearby. The fire brigade’s quick response and effective use of water hoses managed to bring the fire under control. The fire brigade team assumed command and swiftly brought the situation under control.

One by one, four cars blazed in the early morning, causing a stir in the Ghodasar neighborhood. The fire brigade’s proactive intervention played a crucial role in averting a larger disaster.

Fire Reaches Bangla After Blaze in Line of Cars

A fire broke out in the line of cars behind the residence of Shankarbhai Chaudhary, the BJP corporator from Isanpur Ward. As soon as they got wind of the fire, immediate action was taken, and they rushed to the scene. Along with residents, they managed to swiftly evacuate the nearby parked cars in the vicinity of the blazing vehicle.

The fire, originating in the line of cars, had reached dangerously close to the residential complex. The residents, joining forces, not only prevented the fire from spreading further but also managed to rescue other cars parked nearby. The intensity of the fire was such that it reached the Bangla (bungalow), turning it into ashes.

The residents had evacuated promptly before the flames could escalate, and the situation was brought under control. The incident left the bungalow charred and blackened due to the fierce flames.

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