Ahmedabad Crackdown: Traffic Police and RTO Tackle Illegal Vehicles, Collect Rs 1 Lakh in Fines in 2 Days

In the city of Ahmedabad, a drive was conducted on November 6th and 7th in the eastern and western expanses by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and Ahmedabad Traffic Police. The main reason for this drive was the increasing use of non-transport vehicles in the city, such as those operated by companies like OLA, Uber, Rapido, without the necessary approvals from the RTO.

Penalties Imposed for Lack of Complete Documents by Cab Drivers

During the drive conducted by Ahmedabad RTO, Vastral RTO, and Ahmedabad City Traffic Police on November 6th and 7th, penalties were imposed on 16 or more unauthorized vehicles. Ahmedabad RTO collected fines amounting to ₹99,500 during these two days. This action was taken for violating the ‘Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines 2020,’ as many drivers lacked proper documentation.

Violation of Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines 2020

The Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines 2020, published by the RTO, contain crucial information on various aspects. Adhering to these guidelines is essential for transportation companies like OLA and Uber. The guidelines highlight the accountability of aggregators and the consequences they face for violating the rules.

Registration Requirements for Applicant Companies

Companies registered under the Companies Act 1956 or 2013 or cooperative societies registered under the Cooperative Societies Act 1912 are eligible to apply. The applicant must have an office in India, and compliance with the Information Technology Act 2000 is mandatory.

Obligations for Applicants

Applicants must follow all applicable laws and fulfill technological requirements specified in the Information Technology Act 2000. The applicant company must be responsible for any driver associated with them and should not aggregate or engage non-licensed vehicles.

No Unified Penalties for Cab Drivers

Cab drivers will not be penalized directly; instead, the responsibility lies with the aggregators to ensure compliance with the regulations. Any person driving a vehicle and joining a transportation service like OLA or Uber must adhere to the regulations established by the aggregator.

Ahmedabad RTO Penalizes 16 Individuals

Sixteen individuals were penalized during a regional drive by the Ahmedabad RTO against unauthorized vehicle operations. Regional Transport Officer Aashish Parmar stated that these actions were taken due to the failure of companies operating such vehicles to comply with legal regulations. Similar drives will be conducted in the future to enforce proper conduct in such operations.

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