Father Kills 5-Month-Old in Ahmedabad: Strangles Crying Infant in Rickshaw

In Ahmedabad, a father has confessed to strangling his own five-month-old daughter. The daughter had been crying incessantly for quite some time in place of the son. Yesterday, the wife and daughter were taken to the hospital. The father, irritated by the daughter’s crying, admitted to strangling her, resulting in the child’s death. Following this incident, the Kotda Police has arrested the accused father.

Medicine for Mental Health Was Ongoing

Ansar Ansari, residing in Gomtipur, had a five-month-old daughter. Ansar used to work in a scrap business. The infant Ansari was under stress at the time of the child’s birth. He had stopped paying attention to his work and also didn’t pay attention to his wife. Therefore, Ansar started driving a rickshaw. Ansar was also taking medicine for mental health.

Child Became Unconscious

Last night, Ansar took his wife to the hospital because Wife has in pain in her stomach. At that time, the wife went inside to get a sonography done. Meanwhile, Ansar tried to calm the crying child but when she didn’t stop crying, he took her near the rickshaw. While attempting to calm her in the rickshaw, when child didn’t stop crying, Ansar choked her neck, causing the child to become unconscious.

Attempted to Fetch Water but to No Avail

Seeing Ansari’s condition, Ansar took her near a water tank to fetch water, but she didn’t regain consciousness. People nearby panicked, and fearing the worst, took both Sharadaben and Ansari to the hospital. The doctor declared the child dead. When the police learned about the incident, they also reached the hospital and arrested Ansar from there.

Arrested from the Hospital of the Accused

ACP Hitendra Chaudhary stated that the accused was found looking at the child’s spot where the child was visible. Therefore, the child was not arriving, so he was disappointed. The accused also used to beat his wife even when taking the child. There were occasional arguments between them. Yesterday, when the husband-wife went to the hospital with the child, the child started crying, so the accused killed the child in frustration. The police have arrested the accused from the hospital itself.

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