Gujarat ATS to Present Evidence to ED on Alleged Money Transfer by Taral Bhatt; Deep Shah Accused

On February 28, Deep Shah, a key associate of Taral Bhatt, a suspended PI in the Junagadh Todkānd case, was apprehended. Deep had arrived at Mumbai airport to travel to Thailand but was swiftly taken into custody by immigration officials due to a lookout notice issued against him. Deep Shah had provided information on more than 600 bank accounts to Taral Bhatt. He had accompanied Taral Bhatt to Shrinathji and Ujjain in his car. Additionally, Deep Shah had transferred over INR 3.8 million to Taral Bhatt twice from Dubai. This incident reveals new possibilities in the ongoing investigation against Taral.

Enforcement Directorate to Probe ATS

Taral Bhatt, while on the run, used to receive and send money through his associates and also used to demand rupees. The Gujarat ATS has achieved significant success in this case. The Gujarat ATS will now provide evidence to the Enforcement Directorate, and preparations for this investigation have been made, with the central agency also being involved. According to the ATS DIG Deepen Bhadra, individuals who contacted Taral Bhatt via VOIP calls and demanded rupees have been identified, and their statements have been recorded. Out of the 164 individuals who filed complaints in this case, none are innocent, and all of them are accused in this case. After more evidence is gathered, the central agency will also be involved in the investigation process, as their details have also been obtained from the money transfers.

Individuals Providing Account Details to Taral also Arrested

Through information obtained from the Gujarat ATS, it is evident that accomplices of fraudulent Taral Bhatt have been providing him with various proofs every day. Those who provided account details to Taral Bhatt are now being arrested by the Gujarat ATS, and interrogation is ongoing after their remand was completed. Gujarat ATS had initiated the process of breaking the link based on account details provided by Taral Bhatt, and after the arrest of the individuals, it was revealed that Taral Bhatt had received details from these individuals.

Deep Shah Used Alias in Contacts

Taral Bhatt was a cyber expert, meaning he contacted these individuals through VOIP and even called them from the SOG office occasionally. The entire details are with the ATS. It has been discovered through these details that for Taral Bhatt, creating fake IDs was also part of the job, and when Taral Bhatt was absconding, Deep Shah himself made a fake photo ID under the name of Darpan Rajgor. Therefore, when Taral Bhatt was on the run and was stopped at a hotel, in all hotels, Taral Bhatt provided ID as Darpan Rajgor.

Deep Shah Seeks 10-Day Remand

For the individuals associated with the Junagadh Todkānd case, including the accused Taral Bhatt, a lookout notice has been issued to prevent them from leaving the country. Deep Shah, who resides near Vaishnodevi Circle at Balaji Wind Park, was included in this. Deep Shah, who was arrested, was requested a 10-day remand in court. However, as the remand was not approved, he has been remanded in jail. After being caught, Deep Shah threw his mobile phone into the sea in Mumbai. Earlier, Deep Shah had noted the friendship club’s crime at the Crime Branch, which was being carried out at that time, and when this investigation, which was being conducted by Taral Bhatt, came to light, a quarrel ensued between the two.

Taral Bhatt freezes 100 bank accounts unlawfully in seven years

During a remand with ATS, Taral Bhatt found out that under the drive of liquor bootlegging by the Junagadh SOG, 386 bank accounts were frozen. This included Kartik’s account, which was falsely implicated. However, after Taral Bhatt’s posting in Junagadh, he unlawfully froze 100 bank accounts in seven years.

PI Gohil and ASI Jani as Recent Witnesses

Before, during the interrogation of three accused in the encounter case, PI A.M. Gohil and ASI Deepak Jani were made recent witnesses by ATS. To strengthen the case against Taral Bhatt, ATS submitted a report to the Home Department based on the 164 applications of the 386 bank account cases. After that, Taral Bhatt was apprehended. Whether PI Gohil and ASI Jani were made witnesses against Taral Bhatt by him, is now a subject of discussion within the department.

ATS Conducts Inventory in Numbering Proof

Taral Bhatt was once a master in cybercrime detection. Now accused himself, he will have to face an investigation. Gujarat ATS will take him to Junagadh Court, where after filing the investigation application, they will demand his remand. ATS has conducted a comprehensive inventory of the entire case, gathering evidence to counter Taral Bhatt’s claims. Based on this, ATS officials are also learning details from Taral Bhatt’s close associates.

Accused Turned Informant Like a Puppet

When Taral Bhatt was in the Crime Branch as PSI, he used to make many accused repeat rat-like recitations from his third-floor office. Now he himself is an accused and will have to answer questions from ATS, which has become an important topic of discussion within the entire police department. Sources reveal that Taral Bhatt was held in ATS’s third office, where he was asked to deliver food like a puppet. Many close friends of Taral Bhatt, who are closely associated with ATS, are worried, but who will be upset if they help him? Despite these concerns, they do not approach him. Now, a police officer will have to face the confrontation as an accused, which is now a topic of discussion within the entire police department.

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