After 10 Years Joy Train Operations Halted:Due to Certificate Issue: Lessee Faces Financial Loss

Thousands of tourists gather at Kamati Baug in Vadodara every day and enjoy the joy train. The joy train is temporarily closed the day after an accident involving a deer bot, and necessary documents are being requested. The lessor stated that the train was operated on a chartered engine certificate until today, and all certificates have been provided. Advance payment has also been made, but with the joy train being closed for two and a half months, there is an economic loss. Responsible officials have announced that they will apply for authority certification, after which we will make a decision.

Mini rides also suspended

In the current situation, mini rides where thousands of tourists gather at Kamatibaug are suspended. After the deer bot accident, the government has ordered not to operate any rides except with a fitness certificate and necessary documents. Joy Train has a contract for 15 years in PPP mode. The joy train has a capacity for 144 people and a 2-kilometer track. Apart from the joy train, even small rides without machinery are also closed. Mini rides, including bouncy jumping jet, bumper car, and bungee jumping, are also suspended.

When will permission be granted?

Regarding this, Joy Train Manager Himanshu Soni stated that the Joy Train service has been running since 2013. It is provided under the PPP model and all necessary documents are submitted to the corporation every year, which have also been submitted this year. After the deer bot accident, there was a request to submit documents again the next day when the Joy Train was closed. Although all documents have been submitted, approval has not been received yet, so the Joy Train is closed. Once permission is granted, the train can be restarted.

Train halted, staff salaries stopped

Furthermore, it was stated that every year we ensure that dues are paid. This year, we have paid lakhs of rupees in advance in September and October. With the Joy Train closed for the last two and a half months, there is a significant financial loss as our fixed expenses continue. All staff salaries have also been stopped, resulting in severe financial losses due to the closure.

Joy Train currently halted

More has been said that they currently say that the process is ongoing. We have been obtaining the track fitness certificate for 10 years and the chartered engineer’s certificate. Even retired railway engineers have fitness certificates obtained from their side. The municipal railway department is asked for the certificate, which is not ready in our department. The Joy Train is not a high-speed railway, so they are not provided. At present, the Joy Train is closed.

Railway department not in our guidelines: Dr. Mangesh Jayswal

Dr. Mangesh Jayswal, an official from the Parks and Gardens department, stated that we have requested the authority’s track certificate. The track has been there for 10 years. The railway department is not in our guidelines, but we have requested any authority’s certificate. Later, we will discuss and decide on this matter.

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