Harrowing Narmada River Incident: Father and 2 Sons Among 7 Relatives Drowned After Bhagwat Katha; NDRF Launches Search

Eight tourists residing in Surat met a tragic fate as they were swept away in the Narmada River at Poicha. Originally from Amreli district, these tourists, now based in Surat, were caught in the river’s strong currents while attempting to wade through its waters. Local boatmen also jumped into the water to rescue them, managing to save one individual. Among the group were three children. 

Search operations for the seven missing individuals have commenced, with Rajpipla Town Police reaching the scene. So far, no specialized team has been deployed for rescue efforts. With five hours having passed since the incident, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been called upon for assistance. Presently, NDRF teams are actively involved in searching for the missing seven individuals.

Narmada River Incident

Family Drama: A Tale of Misunderstanding

Labhuben, who had come to visit her family, was informed that they were attending a Bhagwat Katha, an event she wasn’t interested in attending. Although everyone had agreed previously, Labhuben wasn’t keen, so they decided to postpone the visit. 

Later, Bharatbhai and Maganbhai insisted on going today to catch up, which led to us heading to the Narmada River for a leisurely time. We were having a great time until an hour passed, and we decided to leave. 

Maganbhai remarked, “The water here is better.” Just as we arrived, suddenly, the boys got caught in the water. We immediately rushed to pull them out, but Maganbhai’s hand slipped from our grasp, and he was swept away by the current.

Victims of Narmada River Tragedy

Victims of Narmada River Tragedy

The following individuals were swept away in the Narmada River:

  1. Bharatbhai Meghabhai Baldania (45 years old)
  2. Arnav Bharatbhai Baldania (12 years old)
  3. Maitriya Bharatbhai Baldania (15 years old)
  4. Vrajbhai Hintambhai Baldania (11 years old)
  5. Aryan Rajubhai Jhinjhala (7 years old)
  6. Bhargava Ashokbhai Hadiya (15 years old)
  7. Bhavesh Vallabhbhai Hadiya (15 years old)

Residing in Krishna Park Society, Saniya Hemad, Surat.

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