Caution for Devotees: Narmada Parikrama Postponed 10 Days Due to Release of Rushing Water from Narmada Dam

With three turbines of the Narmada Dam’s River Bed Powerhouse now operational, approximately 30,000 cubic meters of water are being released into the Narmada river. This increase in water discharge holds the potential to raise the water level of the Narmada river by 2 meters, thus affecting river navigation. 

Currently, the Narmada Parikrama is underway, but as a precautionary measure, it has been postponed for 10 days to ensure safety. Authorities have issued warnings through systems to alert devotees. Furthermore, cautionary measures have been extended to the riverside villages along the Narmada, advising them not to venture into the river during the night.

Suspension of Parikrama as a Precaution

Suspension of Parikrama as a Precaution

On the evening of April 29, 2024, the Narmada Control Authority commenced releasing 30,000 cubic meters of water into the Narmada river. It’s noteworthy that the northern flow of the Narmada Parikrama, scheduled until May 8, 2024, in the Narmada district, has been planned. 

In light of this, to ensure the safety of Parikrama participants and to prevent any unforeseen mishaps, the current Parikrama has been suspended. Furthermore, strict measures are being taken by the authorities to ensure that no individual ventures into the riverbed of the Narmada.

Water Release for Electricity Generation in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh, to meet the electricity demands, the Narmada Control Authority situated in Bhopal and Indore has decided to release water from the Sardar Sarovar Dam starting from 8:00 PM on April 29, 2024. This water release is intended to generate power through the operation of the River Bed Powerhouse. 

The flow rate of this water is expected to reach up to three thousand cubic meters per second. However, such increased water flow poses potential risks to the specially constructed bridges for the Narmada Parikrama, posing a significant hazard to the participants.

Therefore, as a precautionary measure for the safety of the Parikrama participants, it has been decided to suspend the Parikrama for the time being.

Insights from Narmada DySP

Insights from Narmada DySP

Narmada DySP Lokesh Yadav has conveyed that with the indication of releasing 30,000 cubic meters of water from the Narmada Dam, there arises a possibility of increased water flow in the Narmada river. 

This situation particularly impacts the bridges constructed between Shahera and Tilakwada, which may face the risk of water overflow. Given the expected rise in pilgrim traffic during nighttime, the Parikrama has been temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure for safety. 

Discussions and deliberations will be conducted with the Narmada Corporation regarding the potential implications of water arrival.

Appeal for Cooperation from Devotees

Appeal for Cooperation from Devotees

On the other side, the Narmada river’s Panchkoshi Parikrama is currently underway. Thousands of devotees are journeying to Rampura for the Parikrama. Emergency bridges have been constructed between Tilakwada and Shahera for the convenience of Parikrama participants. 

However, due to the possibility of water flow, these bridges have been temporarily closed. Consequently, to ensure safety, the Narmada district administration is employing measures to deter devotees through the vigilant use of local mechanisms. As the Narmada Parikrama is currently suspended, there is an appeal from the authorities for cooperation and support from devotees.

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