Akasa Faces Flight Disruption as 43 Pilots Resign, Seeks Rs 22 Crore Compensation

After the resignation of 43 pilots, Akasa Air is facing difficulties. They may have to suspend their operations. Due to the sudden resignations of pilots, the company had to cancel 24 flights every day in September. This information was given to the Delhi High Court on Tuesday.

The airline’s lawyer told Justice Manmeet Preet Singh Arora, “The pilots did not fulfill the notice period due to which Akasa Air had to cancel many flights every day. The notice period for officials is 6 months, and for captains, it is 1 year.”

According to Business Standard, it has been reported that pilots have joined Akasa Air from Harif Airlines. They also mentioned that an official of Akasa Air had expressed concern by writing a letter to the management and counted it as unethical.

This Month, 600-700 Flights Can be Canceled

Akasa operates 120 flights daily. This month, 600-700 flights may be canceled. In August, they had to cancel 700 flights as well. The airline has requested the court to empower the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to enforce the notice period rules.

Airlines Pilots Demand 22 Crores Compensation

Airline pilots are demanding compensation for educational losses they have incurred due to the premature termination of their contracts, without completing the stipulated notice period. Additionally, they are seeking compensation for revenue losses incurred due to flight cancellations, amounting to approximately ₹22 crores.

Akasa Receives Green Flag for International Flights

On the other hand, as per an Economic Times report, Akasa Airlines has been given the green flag to provide international flights but is only operating on domestic routes currently.

Losses Mount on International Routes

Intense competition on international routes has resulted in mounting losses for airlines. Previously, any airline wishing to commence international flights in India was required to have a fleet of 20 aircraft and 5 years of operational experience as a mandatory requirement. However, in 2016, there was a change in India’s civil aviation policy, eliminating the 5-year experience requirement, allowing new airlines to enter the international market. Akasa Air was launched on August 7, 2022.

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