Collectors & Mamlatdars Alert: Mineral Mafia & Timber Smugglers Reactivate WhatsApp Group; Officials Under Real-time Surveillance

Recent reports indicate heightened activity among authorities regarding surveillance on mineral mafia and timber smugglers in Panchmahal district. In a notable development, conversations from a surveillance group have gone viral, revealing discussions related to espionage activities. Allegedly, members of the mineral mafia and timber smugglers have formed a WhatsApp group to share the locations of officials. They exchange information regarding the movement of officials’ vehicles and their whereabouts, whether during inspections or attendance at events, using audio messages in real-time. 

This clandestine communication underscores the sophisticated methods employed by illicit groups to monitor and potentially evade law enforcement. The revelation highlights the challenges faced by authorities in curbing illegal activities and emphasizes the need for enhanced vigilance and countermeasures to combat organized crime networks effectively.

'Anonymous' Group for Officer Tracking Emerges in Panchmahal

‘Anonymous’ Group for Officer Tracking Emerges in Panchmahal

Recently, in Panchmahal district, a revelation exposed government officials and their official vehicles being tracked and monitored, uncovering a clandestine surveillance operation. Officials’ movements and the locations of their government vehicles were being shared without authorization. This breach of privacy was facilitated through various WhatsApp groups. 

Despite police intervention in some of these groups, members of the mafia seem undeterred and have become active once again, seemingly without fear of consequences. Acting upon these disclosures, the Godhra Superintendent of Police has directed the Mineral Department to take action against those involved in these covert activities, emphasizing the importance of enforcing the law diligently.

Immediate Action Required: Informative Alert to the Mineral Department

Immediate Action Required: Informative Alert to the Mineral Department

On February 14, 2024, a night meeting was convened under the chairmanship of the District Collector in the village of Khandevav in Kalol taluka, Panchmahal. During this session, media reports surfaced alleging the existence of a WhatsApp group named ‘Anonymous’, where officials were reportedly sharing their locations. Within this group, members have been found sharing the locations of government officials to unauthorized individuals through voice chats, breaching legal protocols. 

The unauthorized sharing of the locations of government officials through voice chats is being highlighted in media reports, suggesting potential irregularities in mineral mining activities.

In light of these developments, it is imperative that immediate action be taken to address the situation. The administrators of the ‘Anonymous’ group, Furkan, Haroon K., and Bilal Patel, should be investigated for their compliance with regulations. Consequently, the Mineral Department is being informed to take appropriate measures in accordance with established norms.

Stringent Action Ensured - District Officer's Declaration

Stringent Action Ensured – District Officer’s Declaration

Godhra’s district officer, Praveen Singh Jetavat, has declared that on February 14, 2024, an evening meeting was organized under the chairmanship of the District Collector in the village of Khandevav, Kalol taluka. It has been brought to light through media sources that certain officers within a group have been sharing their locations via audio messages for tracking purposes. Consequently, all pertinent information was promptly forwarded to the Geological Department in Godhra. 

The directive is clear: all actions must adhere strictly to regulations, and those individuals involved in operating the anonymous group are also under scrutiny. Strict enforcement measures will be implemented accordingly.

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